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breads, biscuits, muffins etc.




cookies + bars

desserts – pies, puddings, crisps, cobblers


“healthified” comfort foods

pasta and rice



sauces, spreads and jams

snacks and appetizers


vegetable side dishes

vegetarian main courses

9 responses to “recipe index

  1. Have you ever had a bread recipe with dates? I think a walnut, date, banana bread would be so good!
    I’ve tried all your bread recipes (they’re much healthier than most) and loved them all!
    Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi Kelly, thanks for commenting! I haven’t had a bread recipe with dates yet, but I am definitely planning on it. I tried one a few weeks ago that didn’t turn out well, so I never posted the recipe. I do have a PB date blondie recipe and a banana date pancake recipe, but no bread yet. Stay tuned!

    I’m so glad you’ve loved the breads so far! 🙂

  3. Update: I have a banana date bread recipe listed above and I think it is my favorite bread recipe yet…please try it!

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  5. Let me just say how amazing your whole blog is. I’ve been reading it for about an hour now! I came across the black bean soup for the crock pot — and loved it! I was hoping you had more recipes for crock-pots. . .I’m a college student so its wonderful to be able to “come home to dinner.” Thanks for such a wonderful blog.

  6. Hi Hannah!

    I have one other crock pot recipe, the minestrone. But that is a goal for the spring, more simple “ready when you get home” meals!

    Thanks for reading!

  7. This is a lot of recipes they all look so good. Great job

  8. Hey – I just happened to stumble across your blog – what a great collection of recipes! I’m always looking for great new recipes so I’m excited to try many of these!

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