Those of you who live in Charlottesville probably know how lucky we are to live in such a progressive little city with an amazingly strong local food movement.  But, just in case you aren’t aware of all of the great resources we have right at our fingertips, I’ve started to compile a list for you right here.  I know that I am probably missing a lot, and will continue to modify as I learn of more great businesses and sites.  If you have a suggestion for me, please send me an email or leave a comment below.

And please, be thankful for what we’ve got.  We are all very, very lucky to live here.

Local Food Providers

Babes in the Wood
Carter Mountain Orchard
Charlottesville City Market
Chiles Peach Orchard
Double H Farm
Horse and Buggy Produce
Polyface Farm
Radical Roots Farm
Roundabout Farm
Waterpenny Farm

Local Food Initiatives

Buy Local Charlottesville
Charlottesville Local Food Hub
Virginia Friends of Farmers
Virginia Grown
Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers Association

Local Businesses That Support Local Food

Albemarle Baking Company
Carpe Donut
C’ville Market
Integral Yoga
Retail Relay [enter ‘bellaeats’ in coupon bar for $10 off order of $50]
Revolutionary Soup
The Local
The Organic Butcher

Charlottesville Food Blogs

Better World Betty – Integrating Local Food Into Your Life
Charlottesville Local Food Hub Blog
Cville To Go
Edible C’ville
JAM According to Daniel
Mas to Miller’s
The Hook – The Dish
C’ville City Market Manager


15 responses to “local

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  2. Love the new page. A wonderful local resource!

  3. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of the info on this new page when I get back to C’ville in late August! I also love visiting the orchards, like Carter Mountain.

  4. Christina – Thank you!

    Jane – Thanks for visiting, and reminding me to add the orchards! This is definitely a work in progress, so keep those suggestions coming!

  5. Andrea, you may want to look into Rapture for the businesses that use local food. When Left of Center did a program there earlier this year (with the local food hub and piedmont environmental council folks) the new chef at Rapture said he was looking to add more local food to his menu. When LoC did the program, we had food donations from various groups that provide local food (like Horse & Buggy) and he did a wonderful job with them!

  6. Steph – Thanks for the great tip! And, thank you for introducing me to Left of Center, which I had never heard of. It sounds like a great group and I am excited to learn more about it!

  7. Andrea,
    First of all, as an owner of Zinc, I’d like to thank you for your kind words about us in your entry earlier this year. I’ve just come across it and your blog just now. I hope we have continued to provide a good product and enjoyable experience for you and yours. If not, let me know. Secondly i’d like to mention that we have expanded by leaps and bounds our offering of local products in our menu. We’ve had a long relationship with Brett at Horse and Buggy and now have forged a healthy relationship with the Local Food Hub, Roundabout farm, Harvest Time, Janet’s Garden and have been supporting our neighbors Seafood at West Main and The Organic Butcher. If you can please add us to the list of businesses that source and support local businesses, i would be truly grateful. I hope to have the pleasure of your patronage in the near future. I’ve been trying to personally visit tables to meet our guests and forge a relationship with our community but if i’m stuck in the kitchen, please feel free to stop by and share your thoughts. Thank you!

  8. Vu,
    Thank you for commenting! Brian and I truly enjoyed our experience at Zinc earlier this year, and need to get back in there for some of your Autumn menu offerings. I’ll be sure to pop my head in the kitchen to say hello the next time we visit.

    I’m so glad that you’ve let me know about your new and continued relationships with local food providers, and will certainly add you to my list. Keep up the great work and wonderful cooking!

  9. andrea

    just wanted to thank you, your husband and friends for joining us at the last Local Food & Spirits night. the speakers were fantastic and it was great to see some new faces at Maya. thanks again for your support. we will do it again in january. we are hoping to lock down mandi and taylor from blue mountain brewery! until then, hope all is well.

  10. Peter,

    The Local Food & Spirits night was such a pleasure. Thank you for offering such a wonderful opportunity for residents of the Charlottesville area to meet the folks behind the food we eat. The preparation was absolutely perfect and we enjoyed every bite. We’ll be back in January, for sure.

  11. Thank you for the local list of Charlottesville Bloggers! It’s my hometown and I moved to KY for my hubs a year and a half ago. It’s good to hear about what’s going on in C-ville and to see pictures, etc. of everything there 🙂


  12. Andrea,
    Hope all is well. Just wanted to update you on Zinc. Please visit our new blog to see what we’re up to.

  13. Vu,
    Thanks for writing! I’ll definitely check out the blog, and need to come in for a meal very soon!
    All the best,

  14. Hi Andrea! Saw your blog featured on Eatocracy and after leaving the Shenandoah Valley last month your blog made me miss it even more! Beautiful pictures and great writing. I loved blogging about the delicious food while I was there. Great job!

  15. Andrea! Congratulations on the CNN coverage! Well deserved. I love your blog and your photos. The photos of the kitchen came out beautifully too. Cheers! Brooke

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