sunday mornings

The Sunday mornings of my childhood were lazily spent at the farm table in our kitchen under a classic stained glass lamp that still hangs in the exact same spot, over the exact same table.  The pantry door would be swung open wide, the small t.v. hidden inside providing the morning soundtrack – Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt.  I’d fish through the stack of papers on the table until the Sunday comics surfaced, and after devouring those would peruse the classified ads, always looking for the perfect pet pony or a yorkshire terrier for my momma.


The smells that accompanied these mornings were varied but always indulgent.  Sometimes we’d have flakey buttermilk biscuits with sliced ham and provolone, or my daddy would fry up eggs that we’d sop up with buttered toast alongside lil’ smokies or pan-fried bacon.  And some mornings there were cinnamon rolls or even better, orange danishes.  Popped from a can, baked for 15-18 minutes and then slathered with glaze – those Sunday breakfasts were my favorites.


These days, now that I’m all grown up (some might argue with the truth of that, even me…) Sunday mornings are still somewhat lazy and indulgent. Saturdays are started early, sometimes with a long run, and always (during the season) with a trip to the farmer’s market for breakfast and the week’s produce before embarking on the day’s agenda full of errands, chores and projects.  Saturdays are busy and productive, the perfect justification for the extra 30 minutes in bed on Sunday mornings and the indulgent breakfasts that typically follow once my feet hit the floor.

cinn 6

And even better than my extra 30 minutes in bed is the fact that Brian typically requires an extra 2 hours in bed on Sundays, leaving me with the kitchen all to myself.  This is my baking time.  I wake up to a quiet house and kick the dogs out to the back yard to ensure that it remains quiet.  I clean up any leftover dishes from the night before while going through breakfast ideas in my head.  This is the time when new pancake, biscuit and scone recipes are realized.  This is the time when I finally get to try out a recipe I’ve had bookmarked for quite some time, one that takes me right back to my childhood even though the lamp, reading material and soundtrack have changed.

cinn 8

These cinnamon rolls were delicious, certainly a step up from the canned variety although they take about 3 times as long to prepare.  I substituted spelt flour for some of the all-purpose and loved the extra flavor that the whole grains provided.  I’ve become a big fan of spelt flour lately, experimenting with Wiggs’ cookies from on high (post to come soon) and these biscuits, with fabulous results.  I’ve noted my other substitutions below.  

cinn merge 3

The original Cook’s Illustrated recipe can be found here, via Leite’s Culinaria.  I made a few exceptions [I can’t help it!].  

  • I used 1 cup of spelt flour and 1-1/2 cups of all-purpose flour.  
  • I substituted turbinado sugar for all of the sugar in the dough (but still used confectioner’s for the glaze)
  • I used 3/4 tsp baking soda rather than 1/2 tsp

cinn 14


37 responses to “sunday mornings

  1. you seem to have had a blessed childhood, especially the sunday mornings! it sounds ideal. the ambience, the family, the FOOD! here’s to many more…



  2. Oh my gosh! Those look so scrumptious!

  3. Gorgeous. The pictures are beautiful.

    I love Sunday morning breakfasts too. And just Sunday Morning’s in general. SO comforting and soothing. We love to make a big family breakfast too!

    Not too long ago I watched a video of someone making cinnamon rolls and they used some very thin string, almost like dental floss, wrapped it around the log, then crossed it and pulled it together making the perfect cut for cinnamon rules. It was a great technique and would work perfectly with your recipe. Something worth checking out!

  4. Wow!! Your photos are beautiful.

  5. Those pictures are gorgeous. I love weekends too. Saturdays are when I don’t have to make everybody’s breakfast and I can laze around. Sundays are for big dinners.

  6. Mmm, the thought of cinnamon rolls makes my mouth water. Spelt ones sound extra-special, certainly like they have more depth of flavor than traditional ones. I came across a recipe for pumpkin-oatmeal-spelt sticky buns on Have Cake, Will Travel a while ago that I have yet to try; they certainly look like they’re worth checking out if you’re experimenting with spelt, though!

  7. Your post made me tear up 🙂

  8. I remember looking forward to the funnies- something that doesn’t happen anymore! I can just smell those rolls!

  9. aw, my sunday mornings growing up were the same! i loved it to look at the classifieds on sundays because they were the biggest and full of animals to beg my parents for 🙂

    i am going to have to keep my eye out for spelt flour!

  10. Beautiful rolls!
    We never had special Sunday morning breakfasts. Occasionally we’d have biscuits and gravy, but I don’t like gravy, so that wasn’t much fun. I do love biscuits though. I mostly loved the peace Sunday mornings – reading the paper, watching TV…everything just seemed slower.

  11. Those looks awesome! I want Sunday mornings like yours!

  12. wow those look so good and beautiful!

  13. I wish I could say that I had a similar Sunday morning childhood experience but I hope I can recreate your lovely morning for my own family some day.

  14. Lovely post. Sunday mornings are heavenly 🙂

  15. brookesballbuster

    That was a fun trip down memory lane…your post made me homesick:( Those sweet rolls look absolutely divine.

  16. oneordinaryday

    The cinnamon rolls look amazing. I remember Sundays with Charles Kuralt too!

  17. I love reading your blog because it is always so relaxing. I can just picture you baking in the quiet with perhaps the morning sun shining in and the smell of spring.

    I feel so at peace after reading this, and, um, hungry!

  18. I have always wanted to make me some homemade cinnamon buns, I am writing this recipe down right now!!!THANKS!!!

  19. They look delicious! And I remember many ‘a mornings at that table. 😀

  20. Those look so amazing! And wonderful story behind them 🙂

  21. I love mornings when everyone is still sleeping. You bake in quiet and peace – the best therapy. Then everyone stirs and loves you more for baking. Cinnamon buns that don’t take hours waiting to proof – sold.

  22. Your photography is outstanding. I’m drooling. 🙂

    Have you heard of white whole wheat flour? King Arthur brand sells it in the U.S. It’s a great 1:1 sub for ap flour in most applications. Your tweaks sound tasty!

  23. Beautiful rolls and yummier pictures! Thanks for sharing these, so tempted to make them even though tomorrow is Monday morning 🙂

  24. Hi Lauren – thanks for commenting! I LOVE King Arthur WWWF and use it in a lot of my recipes. I’ve just been experimenting lately with spelt flour and whole wheat pastry flour so it hasn’t made an appearance in awhile.

  25. Courtney [the hungry yogini] –
    Thanks for the tip! I had a hard time rolling these babies out and getting perfect cuts, I’ll definitely try your method next time!

    Squill – thanks for the mention of the pumpkin oatmeal stickie buns…they sound heavenly!

  26. Andrea – These look borderline amazing!! I wish I could smell them right now and eat 4 of them. I love them.

  27. Wow, those look fabulous!

  28. These look like next Sundays breakfast, thanks! I love your site, great photos 🙂

  29. Andrea! How am I just not finding your blog!? It’s just lovely. The writing and the photography is gorgeous! I’ll definitely be back!

  30. Yummm. cinnamon rolls are my boyfriend’s favorite- I will have to try these for a special surprise 🙂

  31. these look amazing! I will definitely have to try them on a lazy weekend morning!

  32. You SLAY me, Andrea. You slay me.

  33. these look so amazing! the pictures are so real.. could eat them off the screen!

  34. just discovered your blog and added you to my google reader. lovely photos and stories! and i agree, mornings alone in the kitchen while the man sleeps in are the best. 🙂

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