busy lady

Alrighty, another quick post tonight guys.  I’m sorry!  I sit on the board for a local non-profit organization and have TONS of reading to do tonight before a board meeting tomorrow night.  I know how I’m spending my lunch break tomorrow! 

My food today was all prepared in a rush.  Remember me mentioning that my poor hubb had to work late last night?  Well, I got a phone call from him at 5:30am asking me to pick him up from the office.  5:30am!!!  And then he had to be right back there at 7:30am!!!  Which means I had to be ready at 7:20, and I of course went back to sleep after picking him up so had very little time to get things together this morning.

Breakfast:  1 slice banana date bread, 1/2 cup Fage 0% with 1 banana and 1 tsp honey (I saved the other piece of bread for dessert)

[no cals today guys…I’m too tired to log it all!  😦 ]


Have I mentioned how much I love this bread?  Because I do.  I. Love. This. Bread.


Lunch:  my hubb made me a wrap!  He’s so sweet, even in his deliriously tired state.  I also ate a large orange, which I forgot to get a picture of in my rush.


  • dijon mustard
  • smoked turkey
  • spinach
  • red bell pepper
  • cucumber
  • pepper jack cheese
  • whole wheat tortilla


Snack:  1 slice banana date bread.

[143 cal…I remember from yesterday.  🙂  ]

Exercise:  4-mile run with Kelly.  Same route as last Thursday, nice and hilly.  It felt pretty good, but my legs were a bit stiff and heavy with soreness from yoga last night.  That’s what I get for taking the weekend off from running and a week off from yoga.  😦

Dinner:  Mediterranean Pasta.  This was really good, and I’ll definitely post a recipe sometime but I’m going to work on it first.  We didn’t get home until 8:00 and I was just throwing stuff in the pan that sounded good together…  Sometimes the best recipes are made that way!


  • brown rice spaghetti
  • artichoke hearts
  • sun dried tomatoes
  • spinach
  • chickpeas
  • parmesan broth (onion, garlic, chicken broth, parm. cheese)
  • 1 tbsp part-skim mozzerella


Dessert:  I made these cookies to send to two generous blogger bake sale buyers…so I of course sampled the dough.  Probably a whole cookie’s worth…I have absolutely no self control when it comes to cookie dough.  None.

Ok, gotta run read!  G’night!


24 responses to “busy lady

  1. What was he doing at the office so late? Is he a CPA or something in the midst of busy season??

  2. Whitney – He’s an architect too. His firm had a big deadline today at 5pm, they were all there until the wee hours of the morning…

  3. Ugh, sorry about all late working and busy-ness! At least you are fueling yourself with delicious food stuffs!

  4. Good luck with all the work and running around! Sounds like a doozy of a day! However, you’ve managed to eat awesome, awesome food and take gorgeous pics of it all! Mmm that banana bread looks to-die-for! Have a great night and wonderful wednesday!

  5. Poor husband! Working late is no fun and 5:30 is so extreme! On a happier note, your pasta dish sounds like a dream to me. 🙂

  6. that pasta combination is one of my favorites! i make a variation of chickpeas and pasta all the time. it’s so good 🙂 have a good night!

  7. What a sweet hubby! Looks like a yummy day!

  8. Oh I bet you miss your guy…and its still four more days until the weekend!

    I admire that you were able to make such healthy meals, get your run in and take some great pics, even with all the busyness! (I just wrote business, but then realized that that is an entirely different word) 😉

  9. I have to say , for food in a rush, you did pretty well! That pasta dish really looks amazing… I love the combo of sundried tomatoes, artichokes, and spinach. And chickpeas are one of my favorites. I bet that would be tasty with any kind of grain, especially something with some bite like barley or brown rice.

    You have a stellar hubb. 🙂

  10. Gosh, 530 am!!! That is one long work day.

    Your pasta looks amazing! The food combo includes some of my favorites 🙂

  11. The bread does look delish – recipe bookmarked!

  12. Aww, rest up girl! Don’t worry about the short posts, you still make your food look spectacular.

  13. i hate it when there are busy days like that! especially when you dont get any sleep!!! rest up the next few days!

  14. Holy cow – that is a ROUGH work day (or days) for you hubs 😦

    I need to try your banana date recipe, it looks amazing!

  15. oh my goodness…i have worked late before (like midnight) but never until early in the morning – poor guy!

    so excited to get the cookies! 🙂

  16. have a great day today – even if it’s busy 🙂

    that bread does look good!

  17. that lunch wrap looks fantastic – what a nice hubs!

  18. OMG working until 5:30am? Thats in sane! i hope he came home at a normal time last night.

  19. He deserves a nice cocktail tonight…or a nap!

  20. You guys seem busy, busy. Hope things slow down a bit and you get some rest 🙂

  21. Yummy eats!!! your dinner creation sounds great too!

  22. Oh man, your poor husband! I hope things slow down for you both a bit! Your eats still look incredible 🙂

  23. Your wrap looks so orderly… 😀
    The banana date breads sounds delicious!

  24. love the NOLA post! I haven’t spent much time there, but I did enjoy some Cafe du Monde coffee and beignets that a friend brought back from her trip to visit her boyf at Tulane Law. It was good stuff! The beignets came from a boxed mix, but were still really really tasty!

    I too think it’s great that your hubb can cook. My boyfriend really tries and is soooo good about helping out in the kitchen (and eating vegetarian with me), but he is still a newbie and needs step by step instructions for most things. It’s really adorable, but sometimes I just end up making everything myself because I have no patience. ha!

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