‘tini tuesday

The deadline completion celebration continued tonight with martinis and dinner at one of our favorite Charlottesville restaurants.  I know I say that a lot (favorite C’ville restaurants) but we have a LOT of fantastic food joints in this little town.  🙂  Martini Night actually used to be a weekly event with some friends of ours, but when the holidays hit we fell out of the routine a bit.  We got back into it tonight with our good friend Virginia at Bang!, an Asian-inspired tapas restaurant with awesome food and killer martinis.  

But, before I get ahead of myself, lets talk about food that I prepared today.  I woke up thinking about yesterday’s breakfast and decided to go for a repeat.  I’m sorry I’m boring, but it was that good.  

Breakfast:  toasted ezekiel, 1-1/2 tbsp dark chocolate dreams pb, 1 cup strawberries

[336 cal]


Lunch today involved another of my new purchases…Arnold’s Sandwich Thins!  I could say that I wanted to truly experience the flavor of the Thin by not mucking it up with lots of filling, but in truth I was just running short on time.  🙂

Lunch:  arnold’s sandwich thin with TJ’s natural, crunchy PB and sour cherry preserves.  Also, a salad.

[428 cal]


My salad contained:

  • baby greens
  • cucumber
  • orange bell pepper
  • the last of my roasted garlic hummus, about 1 tbsp
  • hearts of palm
  • dried cranberries
  • TJ’s fat free balsamic vinaigrette


For a snack I packed another repeat, 1 orange, 5 strawberries and 1/4 cup Fage 0%.


And then, tragedy struck.  I went to the fridge for my fruity yogurt bowl at about 3:30, enough time to digest my snack before my run at 5:15.  When I got to the fridge, I couldn’t find my bowl!  I quickly returned to my office and my tote bag, where I discovered my bowl.  Warm as could be.  I did some research about how long yogurt could remain at room temperature before the threat of bacteria struck and concluded that it wouldn’t be a smart idea to eat it.  Apparently, if the container is sealed, yogurt can last up to 8 hours at room temperature (according to some sources…but eat at your own risk!).  However, if the yogurt is open and exposed to the air, I couldn’t find any site that thought it was ok to eat after 2 hours without refrigeration.  I can’t tell you how sad I was to have to throw this beautiful bowl away.  SO sad.  

Instead, I had an apple and 1/2 a Clif Chocolate Chip bar.  This Clif flavor was good, but I actually prefer the flavor and calorie count of the Clif chocolate chip ZBar more.

Snack:  1 apple and 1/2 Clif chocolate chip bar.

[200 cal]


I left work a little early and went for a run with my friend Kelly.  We did just 3 miles and it was so laborious for me tonight.  I’m always amazed at how different a run can be from day to day.  This was the same route we did last week, I just cut it a little short because we had dinner plans.  Tonight my legs were heavy and my stomach was crampy.  I blame the first ailment on my two consecutive days of intense yoga…I was so sore today!  And I blame the second ailment on my apple.  Apples just don’t agree with me as pre-run snacks.  I’ve tried it before and I always get crampy.  I thought today that I had plenty of time before my run, but apparently not.  From now on, apples are off-limits after lunch on running days.

Exercise:  3 mile run

[-318 cal]

Dinner was sooo tasty.  I LOVE Bang!  We ordered an assortment of tapas to share amongst the three of us.  There were wild mushroom dumplings, crab pot stickers, edamame, coconut rice, veggie curry, and other dishes that involved either beef or shrimp, none of which I ate because I’m not a fan of either.  There were also delightful little slaws and salads that come alongside the main dishes.  These may be my favorite part of the meal, and have inspired me to make more Asian-inspired slaws in my own kitchen.  

I also had the Bang! Lemon Drop Martini.  This martini is perfect.  Its the martini that I strive to make at home but just haven’t perfected yet. I’ve tried, trust me, I’ve tried.  It has something to do with the specific sour they use, or the lemongrass infused simple syrup (I’m just not that ambitious).  But it is GOOD, and I enjoyed every sip.  

The food portions are tiny, so we left still slightly hungry but with much lighter wallets.  I’m thinking there is some sort of pre-bed snack in my future…



28 responses to “‘tini tuesday

  1. Aw, so sorry to hear about your yo-go.

    I am always surprised by runs like that too… it’s up and down for me.

    Glad you had a good night!

  2. Ever been to the Ivy Inn? I spent a weekend with family in C-ville once, and they took me there. It was AMAZING.

  3. Your comment touched me so, my sweet. I thank you for your healing, beautiful words. From the bottom of my heart. Love you

  4. Warm yogurt is indeed a tragedy!! There’s been a few times where I’ve forgotten to put it in the fridge at work and it seriously dampens my spirits 😦

    And what is it about apples and running? I find I get crampy with them too. Bananas on the other hand, are my running super food.

  5. Bang sounds excellent – what a fun night!

    How do you like the Arnold Sandwich Thins? I finally found them, but have yet to purchase any since we have about a gazillion Flatout wraps from Costco. I need to eat my way through them before making any more bread purchases.

    So sorry about your yogurt snack – I would have been very sad too, but it sounds like your yummy dinner made up for it.

    Have a good night Andrea!

  6. So sad about your yogurt bowl! Sorry you didnt get to enjoy it! I’m glad you are trying the Arnold Thins! I just got some sent to me by the lovely Heather ^^^ and I love them! I need to try them with the sweet stuff on them next!

  7. I hate throwing away delicious treats, but with yogurt, definitely better to be safe.

    I love arnold’s sandwich things. Not as much as ezekial english muuffins of course, but still, they make a tastey sandwich.

    The tapas restaurant sounds wonderful. Lemon grass infused simple syrup sounds like it would make a wonderful drink!

  8. I probably would have eaten the yogurt and been sicker than a dog.

    I’m the same way with apples and running. I can’t eat an apple on an empty stomach either, or its like WW3 in there.

    If it makes you feel any better, I have mile long runs that are laborious at times. It’s always a crap shoot.

    Since you asked, I was mailing some baked goods! I wrapped them in plastic wrap, then foil, then put that in a ziploc. I also shipped them 2-Day Express.

    How was thin Arnold? We don’t have him here 😦

  9. So jealous of your eats today, but bummer about the yogurt! At the very least your breakfast was scruuuumptious.

  10. i agree about cville’s restaurants! our area (durham/chapel hill especially) is also teeming with good (and affordable) eats, but for a town the size of charlottesville the foodie options are seriously disproportionate and fantastic!

    i’ve been to bang and enjoyed their martinis as well. i think i even left my purse there once. and it was still there in the AM! oops!

  11. Dinner sounds nice! You breakfast picture is just stunnng!!

  12. I love Bang! That’s where my grad school friends and I go for special occasions! I’ve sampled a bunch of the martinis there and the best in my opinion is Sin City, it’s sort of a blackberry cosmopolitan? You must try!

  13. Bummer about your yogurt!

    I totally miss C’ville every time I read your blog. Blah.

  14. I tried Fage for the first time after seeing it and hearing its praise in your blog! It was good – I got the kind that came with little strawberry goo on the side to mix in. This was really good. Since I’m not as used to this type of yogurt (like I used to sugary type yogurt) this eased the transition. 🙂

  15. Hooray for celebrations!! 😀

  16. Oh no! Sorry about the yogurt, that sucks. It’s so pretty.

    Mmm but I’m loving all the delicious PB in this post!

  17. Okay – that restaurant sounds fabulous! Totally jealous! 🙂

    Nice job on the 3 mile run!

  18. LOVE that breakfast!

    Must be the fiber in the apple that has a hard time with you =/

    Have a good day!

  19. How did I not know you’re in Charlottesville? That’s about 3.5 hours from me – I love the outdoor mall there!

  20. I would have probably shed a tear or two having to toss that beautiful yogurt combo 😦

    Lemon drop martinis are fabulous!

  21. Next time we are in C’ville, about an hour from us, we will have to consult on places to eat!!

  22. yum! that place looks GREAT!!! glad you had fun and glad to see you are running again.. even if it is only SHORT distances.. (sprinters have fun running too you know!)

  23. Anna – I’ve never been to the Ivy Inn…but I hear its amazing! Its definitely on my “to try” list, along with many other places in C’ville.

    Heather and Sarah – I really liked the Thin! I appreciate that its not to bread-y…the thing that kept me from making PB&Js (which I love!) was that the bread ratio is too high. These are perfect!

    Sarah (ghost world) and Brandi – Yay! More readers familiar with C’ville…love that!

    Jess – I’ve had the Sin City too! Very tasty, but a little thick for me. The Lyche Avalanche is really good too…! 🙂

    Mica – You’ll just have to come back soon to visit!

    Christina – I love a Fage convert! I like the plain, and with a little drizzle of honey and some fresh or frozen fruit you’ll never miss the sugar from regular yogurt!

    Beadie – Definitely! Come visit!

  24. NOOOOO the yogurt tragedy! It brings a tear to my eye because it would have traumatized me to have to throw away such a gorgeous snack .

  25. I just found your blog after hearing about it for months…and I’m so glad I stopped by! It’s fantastic, and your pictures are beautiful!

  26. re: the yogurt situation, here’s another viewpoint.

    Yogurt is really just a way that our ancestors thought up to keep dairy around for longer than a day, so really it is quite equipped to deal with a few hours outside of refrigeration. (I make yogurt, so I know how flexible it is.) The only thing that happens if you leave yogurt out is that the (good) bacteria will multiply a bit and it will get a bit more sour.

    To learn more about cultured foods (one of my passions!) check out the book Wild Fermentations.


  27. martini’s?!?! right up my alley!! (literally, i live in one!) lemon drop martini’s are on my list!!

  28. I have the SAME issue with apples…they have been moved to my morning snack now 🙂

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