packin’ it up

Good evening!  I had a very long day again today, but it started with a RUN!  That’s right, I was in bed last night by 11:10pm and up at 6:05am…whippee! My hubb and I ran 3 miles.  It felt great to be out stretching my legs as the sun was rising and I got a little thrill each time today when I remembered that I had ALREADY worked out.  Love that!  I really need to make this whole morning run thing part of my regular routine…  Its especially helpful during these busy weeks at the office when the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is work out.

Exercise:  3-mile run

[-318 cal]

So I knew that today would be a long day, and I packed up plenty of food to sustain me through breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It wound up being an intuitive eating day, I just snacked my way through whenever I found a spare moment.

Breakfast:  1/2 cup Fage 0% with 1/2 banana, 1/4 cup TJ’s pumpkin spice granola and 2 chopped figs.

[256 cal]


For lunch I made my hubb a couple of mexi-wraps because we were out of lunch meat (his typical packed lunch of choice).  They looked SO good that I decided to make one for myself too.

Lunch:  mexi-wrap made with whole wheat tortilla, spinach, salsa, black beans, frozen corn, black olives, red bell pepper, 1 tbsp monterrey jack cheese and green onions

[246 cal]



Snacks:  I packed grapes and a pear, but wound up saving my pear for later.  I did go on a walk to the coffee shop with my hubb and gave in to a gluten-free chocolate biscotti – it was just one of those kind of days.

[grapes = 110 cal, biscotti = 280 (a went with the highest calorie count I found on myfooddiary…it was a big biscotti)]


For dinner I packed myself some leftover lentil chili on top of a bed of spinach.  When I heated the dish it made the spinach all wilty…it was so good in the chili!  So good that I think I’ll consider actually adding spinach directly to the chili next time I make it.

Dinner:  leftover chili on spinach

[365 cal]


When I finally got home I was craving some dessert  My pear made a reappearance…in a snackie dessert bowl!

Dessert:  6oz Oikos honey-flavored yogurt, 1 sliced pear and 3 lemon snaps, crumbled

[341 cal]


See what I mean?  It was such a snackie, intuitive day full of little 250 cal – 350 cal meals.  I actually really liked it, and my numbers aren’t too bad either.

Daily Totals:

  • calories consumed = 1598
  • calories expelled = 318
  • net calories = 1280

Alright, I’m going to go catch up with my hubb and shoot for an 11pm bed time again.  Maybe I’ll do some yoga in the morning, since I missed tonight’s class again!!!  Darn project deadlines.  I’m sorry I haven’t answered any comments yesterday or today…I’ll get there soon, promise.  I miss reading all of your blogs, too!  Hopefully I can catch up soon.  Oh!  I did catch in my reader that Meghann is having a contest to give away an awesome sports bra!!!  Be sure to check it out, or not, so that I have a better chance of winning!  🙂 Can I win if I’m family?!?



27 responses to “packin’ it up

  1. Yum, your breakfast looks delicious. I love the addition of pumpkin spice (!) granola and the figs.

    Ooo and the pears looks fabulous too, my favorite fruit ever!

  2. I love eating this way! I definitely eat smaller meals 5-6 times during the day. I don’t get so ravenous or sleepy, plus it’s just fun to eat so often!

  3. The run with hubs sounds nice!!! 🙂 and great eats!!1 Im loving that PM snack!

  4. Congrats on that morning run. Don’t you feel so accomplished when you get your workout done in the AM? I know it motivates me for the rest of the day!

  5. Love all your “snacky” meals. Sounds like you got in some amazing treats for the amount of calories. I need to be better with intuitive eating. I’m working on it, but it definitely does not come naturally for me.

    Have a good night Andrea…and perhaps another great run tomorrow morning?

  6. Whoa, up so early for a 3-mile run. I’m impressed. I can barely drag myself across the apartment when I get up, never mind outside for a run!

  7. Sounds like you had a great day!!!

  8. Wow everything looks so tasty AND pretty! I’m impressed by your early run! Nice work!

  9. Good girl! I’m proud you made it up for your run and I don’t care how big that biscotti was, you did a great job listening to your intuition! Like Heather, I’m working on that myself too.

    No, you can’t win that bra…I want it 😉

  10. eatinginbalance

    Chili on spinach is a great idea!

  11. I often add spinach or kale to chili. I highly recommend it!

  12. It’s so great when you can have a balanced day even when you’re crazy busy!

  13. Fabulous run and eats!!

  14. Congrats on your run!! Isn’t it nice to just get it over with?!

    Yummy eats 🙂

  15. That mexiwrap looks so colorful!

    I have figs on my list to buy next time I go to TJ’s thanks to your urging! 🙂

  16. Sorry, you are the thrid family membe that commented on it and I am sad none of you won!

    I did enjoy your Chili last night and put 2 servings in my freezer for later enjoyment. I will have to remember the spinach.

  17. brilliant idea with lentil chili. mmmm I may have to try that this weekend, on the cold valentine’s day coming up.

  18. your mexican inspired wrap looks so good! I have all those ingredients on hand that I need to use up =) thanks!

  19. Congrats on getting in that early run!!! I get up around 6:45 for work and just CANNOT get out of bed any earlier to workout. I have to go straight to the gym from work though otherwise no exercise!! That wrap looks great too. I had one myself yesterday but it was the turkey/hummus/spinach variety 🙂

  20. Ooo I love pears check out my giveawy today!

  21. your lunch looks soooo good! fresh and light!! making me sad i packed a veggie burger

  22. That is my favorite way to eat! It’s fun that way too:) And go you for that run!

  23. your lunch looks so delicious!
    wow. the veggies are so colorful!

  24. congrats on the run!!

    and that morning yogurt is the PERFECT combo of flavors and textures …

  25. Lovee that dessert!

  26. mmmm… your eats always look so pretty!
    Now I really want grapes, they’re so good.
    Have you tried them frozen?
    Oh, partially frozen grapes make such a delicious dessert 🙂

  27. Great job on the AM run – it’s so nice to start the day off with 300ish calories burned!

    Lovely pear 🙂

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