injury advice?

Good evening!  How was everybody’s day?  I was in total detox mode after the last two days filled with cookies and fried chicken!  I woke up knowing that I wanted needed to eat completely healthfully to get back on track.  I even managed to resist the temptation of pizza when my hubb went out to get his lunch.  🙂

The day was started off right with my favorite muffins and a cup of hot tea.

Breakfast:  toasted ezekiel cinnamon raisin muffin with 1 tbsp natural peanut butter and apple slices.


Morning Snack:  oikos – blueberry flavor, leftover from the snack I never ate on Monday.

Lunch:  a big ol’ salad.  


This delight contained:

  • spinach
  • celery
  • cucumber
  • broccoli
  • red bell pepper
  • hearts of palm
  • strawberries
  • garbonzo beans
  • poppyseed dressing


Afternoon Snack:  a perfect tangelo and a Clif Nectar Cacao, dark chocolate raspberry flavor.  I enjoyed the bar before my evening run and the tangelo after.



Exercise:  a 3-1/2 mile run with my dear friend Kelly.  This was a much more enjoyable run than last night’s because (1) I had company to chit chat with and (2) we went at 5pm and still had daylight!!!  Yay for longer days!!!  🙂  Thank you all for your supportive comments on last night’s post, you have no idea how much it helps to know that I have a whole community of people cheering me on!  I really think that I could learn to love running in the right conditions. A little daylight, a slightly warmer temperature and good company make all the difference!!!  🙂

However, I need a little injury help/advice.  I’m starting to feel my tendonitis flare up again.  I’m embarrassed to show you what my feet look like in the winter time, but I wanted to show all you runners out there where it hurts and see if you have any advice for me.  


Have any of you had pain there before?  It hurts the most when I’ve been sitting for awhile, and get up to walk.  Almost like its seized up and can’t stretch back out.  It started bothering me on Monday, I’m sure taking last week off then going for a long run Saturday and an intense yoga class on Sunday flared it up.  I took Monday off running, but went again last night.  My foot hurt all day, but I really wanted to get my run in tonight.  I know, naughty.  I am committed to taking tomorrow and Friday off though, in preparation for my long run on Saturday.  So my question is, do I ice it or heat it?  I’m going to do my own research tonight on the ‘net, but I was hoping some of you might have some personal, tried and true advice for me.

Back to food…

Tonight the hubb and I were called for emergency babysitting duty for friends.  The change of plans has thrown our evening and my super healthy tofu and swiss chard dinner off track, as I only had time for a quick carry-out decision.  I chose Chipotle because it had been awhile, and I felt that I could make a relatively healthy and quick choice.

Dinner:  Chipotle burrito bowl with rice, black beans, grilled chicken, tomato salsa, lettuce and guacamole.  I also had a couple of chips.  🙂


We’re still with the kiddos…the 2-year old is fast asleep and my hubb is giving the baby a bottle after he woke up fussing.  Too cute.  Looks like it will be an all-nighter for us, although I’ll probably leave at some point to go back to our house and take care of our pups.  In the meantime, I’m watching Lost and knitting a baby sweater for a friend.  🙂



32 responses to “injury advice?

  1. I love that salad, where can I get that salad dressing?! Well I have only had one foot injury, and it was heal spurs but it was in my heals..sorry I hope you feel better!

  2. Do your feet hurt more in the morning too? I am recovering from plantar fasciitis and mine hurt in the morning and if I have been sitting for a while. Have you thought about a podiatrist?

    Hope they feel better! I am ready for mine to stop hurting.

  3. I also had plantar fasciitis, that is what it sounds like

  4. Two words: “Food Porn”

    I don’t even like salad that much, but now I want one RIGHT NOW!

  5. I want that salad, right now!

  6. Everything looks so delicious! I love hearts of palm, I think they’re an underutilized ingredient.

  7. All your food looks so great! They just opened a Chipotle down the street from me, it looks like I’m going to have to try a burrito bowl one of these days!

    I’ve got nothing helpful on the injury. I’ve been having annoying knee stuff happen, so I’m trying to figure out what to do for that! Sorry about the pain!

  8. Your salad looks great! Doesn’t a day of healthy eating after a cookie fest feel great?

    I’ve never had pain in that part of my foot before, but be careful!


  9. Look at you Mama, you are just like me! Exhausting, huh?

    Your feet look just like mine! Yay for runner’s feet! But boo for your injury. I’d ice it. I’d also wear a different pair of shoes for your next run and see if that makes a difference. You might look into orthodics or inserts too.

    I really hope it feels better!!!!

  10. Fabulous foood!!

    Yikes!! Try to ice it. Hope it heals soon!!

  11. yay LOST! it was sooo good and I’m still sooo confused!

    what awesome friends you are 🙂 ❤

  12. runningwithfood

    Wow – you knit as well?! You are amazing!

    About your foot … I’m not really sure?? I get a pain in my heel from time-to-time, but I figure it’s due to lack of stretching. My doctor advised me to put ice on pain of that nature. It’s like fighting fire with water, instead of fire with more fire (heat.) Get me?

    Good luck, girl! Great eats. I don’t recall – is your poppyseed dressing homemade?

  13. I am just recovering from what sounds like the same thing. Icing is best, and you should try to do it a few times a day. I had to take a few weeks off of running because it just got worse 😦
    Hopefully yours heals soon!

  14. loverly eats 🙂 the foot pain might be plantar fasciitis, but the only person that can tell you that is a doctor… i’d get it checked out!

  15. I agree with other posters – it sounds like plantar fasciitis. I had this problem a couple of years ago – I actually had to stop running to let it heal. I went to the dr and he gave me a shot but it didn’t last so I ended up getting customized orthotics made. They were expensive, but the ONLY thing that helped. I still wear them as many days as I can and especially when I’m running. You should definitely get it checked out – it can get worse and cause more problems! Good Luck!!!

  16. Sorry about your pain! I hope you feel better!

    Your salad looks beautiful – I’m always impressed how you can put the dressing on and still have it look good! When I put the dressing on and snap a picture – it looks like garbage!

  17. Throughout my foot injuries, ICE was the miracle solution.

    I am still LOVING your photography. I look forward to each post!!

  18. That salad is gorgeous! RICE your foot – I hope it feels better!!

  19. great looking salad! my mom had plantar faciitis a couple months ago, and she got a shot in her foot that made it completely go away! i don’t know if that could help tendonitis, but it’s worth looking into! good luck!

  20. Hahaha, this post is great!! i love how u put a pic of ur foot, its something i would do-way too hard 2 explain WHERE ya know?!! anyways, ur pics are beautiful girl, keep it up!

  21. everything looks so neat and pretty 🙂

  22. That salad looks great. Maybe I’ll have to add “hearts of palm” to my list of veggies to try!

  23. Georgous eats!!!!

    I am so impressed how even the bar looks beautiful. You have a very special way with a camera.

  24. i see that other people have already suggested this, but I was thinking it sounds like plantar fasciitis. do you stretch regularly? Make sure you are stretching and doing the right stretches. If you aren’t sure, ask a physical therapist–sometimes they will offer a free consultation. Also, I’d look into going to a good running specialty store to get properly fit for good shoes. i know you had a bad experience before with shoes, so make sure you pick a store where they know what they are talking about. How will you know? They should ask you lots of questions, look at your old shoes, look at your feet while you walk, watch you run when you try on new shoes, etc. In fact, they should even have some advice about the injury.
    if it is plantar fasciitis, rest won’t really help. you have to stretch (especially the calf muscles) and get proper footwear. also, avoid wearing bare feet or non supportive shoes around- get a pair of chaco’s or keen sandals or even adidas adilette sandal is good cause it’s inexpensive and it will give you more support than walking around in bare feet. From the picture of your feet, it looks like you are developing or already have a bunion, which is also a clue that you need more supportive (or different) shoes. The other thing that a running specialty store can help you with is inserts. Superfeet makes great inserts that offer support and keep your foot in a neutral position, which is especially helpful for people who have plantar fasciitis. I hope you can find a good store around you to help you out! In addition, you can sometimes find running groups through the stores, which would be great for you since you like friends to chat with while running! Hope all this helps 🙂

  25. Hi Everybody! Thanks for all of the great tips and advice about my foot. I really appreciate it!

    Andie – Try hearts of palm!!! You’ll find them in the canned/jarred veggies right next to artichoke hearts. SO good!

    Jane – THANK YOU!!!!! What a fantastic tome of advice you’ve written me. I do have a fabulous running store that worked very hard to get me into the shoes I am currently wearing because of knee/foot pain a couple of months ago, and I am planning on paying them a visit this weekend. They ask tons of questions, and even let me take shoes for trial runs. I have some inserts at home too that I’m going to try putting in my shoes before my long run saturday as well, to hopefully help with the pain. Again, thanks so much for commenting!

  26. looks like you have your foot issue covered! I have never had pain there, but when I start getting pain in my arches – i know that it is time for new shoes.

    all your food looks beautiful and delicious…as always!

  27. Oh no! I’m so sorry about your feeties! I have tendonities too, but not there. It sounds like you have lots of good advice on here though. 🙂
    Your lunch looks amazing. I adore!

  28. As a Kinesiologist, I would recommend ice to help prevent swelling and pain. However, if you already have swelling and you are trying decrease the pain, I would apply heat. If you ice it, apply it for only 10-15 minutes at a time and use a barrier to shield your skin from the ice. You can do this on and off throughout the day. Heat is good for chronic conditions– it will help relax the tissues in the area and it also stimulates blood flow to the area, which promotes healing. I think in your case, heat would be the better choice. Apply the heat for about 15 minutes at a time. I hope this helps!

  29. sorry about the foot; i do hope it feels better soon! i get pain like that, but in my arch.

    and i really like how beautiful your bfast is! yipee!

  30. I second (or third or however far down in the comments I am) the advice to see a doctor, but more specifically a podiatrist. When I had similar foot pain, I ended up needing orthotics. I have been running with mine for over a year, and I have never had that pain come back. (Of course, something always hurts once in awhile if you run enough.)

  31. That salad looks straight up gorgeous!!

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