running low…

Good evening!  Thank you all for the sweet comments today!  I am feeling much better after a good night’s sleep.  I’m very happy that tomorrow is Friday and I’ll be able to take it easy this weekend and catch up on some shut-eye.  This whole 5-day workweek thing is killing me!   🙂

Along with the end of the week comes the end of our grocery supply.  This end of the week is especially difficult because we actually grocery shopped last Wednesday, but instead of shopping for 1-1/2 weeks we did our normal week’s worth of groceries so now…we’re running quite low.  🙂

I dug some Ezekiel bread out of the freezer to make some toast for breakfast.  I have no idea how long it had been there, but apparently it was too long.  The toast was packed up to take to work with me this morning because I was running a little late, 1 piece smeared with almond butter the other with cranberry ketchup


When I bit in, I was hit with an intense freezer-burn flavor and had a really tough time chewing the old bread.  Into the trash it went, and off I was to a cafe’ down the street for some oatmeal.  What a waste of almond butter and cran ketchup (if you want the recipe shoot me an email, its straight from a cookbook so I can’t post it).

Breakfast:  a cup of oatmeal with cinnamon, brown sugar, golden raisins and chopped apple.

Morning Snack:  a grapefruit that was supposed to be part of breakfast, but my oatmeal was pretty filling.


Leftovers for lunch make me pretty happy, especially when the leftovers are Thai!!!  Thank you all for the great suggestions of places to find good Thai recipes.  I have a feeling you’ll be seeing some experimentation on the blog.  I’m especially excited about Ellen’s suggestion to check out Chez Pim for a great Pad Thai tutorial.  Thank you Ellen!!!

Lunch:  tofu scallion soup with bean sprouts and extra rice noodles, spring rolls with spicy pineapple sauce.  Delish.



Mid-Afternoon Snack: 1/4 cup of mixed nuts and dried fruit (cherries and figs, my favorites!!!).  My hubb also brought me a few fries from his lunch, ’cause he knows what I like.  🙂


The hubb and I went for a run after work tonight…2-3/4 miles.  I kept up with my love as best I could which resulted in a speedier than normal run for me.  There were also hills.  I’ve discovered that you can’t go further than 2 miles in Charlottesville without hitting a decent hill.  When we got home I stretched for a long time, I even did a few Vinyasa flows.  My hips have been really tight (maybe because of all the hills?!?) so I spent extra time with poses that would help to release some tension.  Hmmmmmmm….I feel so much better!  🙂

For dinner tonight I wanted to make some kind of cheesy, veggie-ful casserole thing.  I wasn’t sure where it was going, but I thought that this spaghetti squash might be a good start.


The hubb disagreed (don’t worry, I’ll try it eventually) so the squash was delegated to fill my belly at lunch tomorrow.  I love getting the next day’s lunch packed the night before, it makes my mornings so much easier!  I’ll save the picture of my packed lunch for tomorrow’s post though…  🙂

Instead, we went with our classic mexican dip night.  This is now a once-a-month favorite of ours, and typically corresponds with new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.  We used to eat it at least once-a-week…I think we’ve come very far.  I even went so far as to dip raw veggies into the cheesy goodness rather than tortilla chips…yay me!

Dinner:  mexican dip with one whole carrot and 1/2 a cucumber.  I caved in and had a few blue corn tortilla chips too, but not NEARLY as many as I would have had if I hadn’t chopped up some veggies.


This dip included:

  • spanish rice
  • one can of diced tomatoes
  • one can of black beans, mashed and mixed with taco seasoning
  • salsa
  • corn
  • orange bell pepper
  • cheddar / monterrey jack shredded cheese

It was TASTY!!!  What’s your favorite t.v. / movie night dinner?

TGIF!  Anybody have any big weekend plans?  I’m planning on experimenting with some baking recipes, and my new mixer!!!  WooHoo!  🙂


26 responses to “running low…

  1. I thought that toast picture was red velvet cake at first! Freezer burn is the worst! Ezekiel bread really isn’t packaged for long storage I’ve noticed.

    I love Mexican food! Your dip looks delicious! My favorite tv/movie meal is pizza. 🙂

  2. Sorry about the freezer burned bread! I think my favorite TV night dinner is Annie’s whole wheat mac ‘n cheese shells with canned tuna or salmon and some type of green veggie mixed in. I had it last night!

  3. Hi Andrea! this is your cousin angela. This is the first time i have read your blog and i really like the pictures you take of your food! just wanted to stop by and say hi.

  4. freezer burned Ezekiel sucks! I think mine is borderline, but hubby doesn’t really notice a difference in his grilled cheese sammiches…I’ve decided I’m not a huge fan of the bread anymore…I like the engliish muffins now! fluffier.

    what size pyrex do you use for your food? the 2C portions? I use the 2C portions to portion my food out – its fabulous! i love them, I need more…

    oooh dried figs and cherries sound GREAT! I LOVE dried raspberries and strawberries but the only places i’ve seen them are in bulk online (i dont need that much!) and mixed in w/ chocolate chips & nuts in a trader joe’s trail mix – boooo…i can’t buy the stuff anymore bc it disappears within DAYS. oh well..

    can’t wait to see what you bake this weekend!!! hubby and I are going to dinner at Old Ebbit in DC and then to see West Side Story with my parents tomorrow night.

    I’m hoping to do a long run on Saturday but i’m pretty upset with how my running is progressing as of late…whatevs. have a great weekend!!

  5. I like homemade pizza for movie/TV night!

    What a waste of almond butter indeed! That’s weird because isn’t Ezekial bread sold frozen? I am surprised.

  6. eww i hate freezer-burn bread. i think you can taste it most on bread.

  7. That is one beautiful shot of your spaghetti squash!

    We like “healthified” bugers and fries/onion rings and of course pizza for movie nights.

  8. I LOVE YOUR blog so glad I found you:)

  9. Tonight we had pineapple and bacon chicken sausages (eated on a bun) with baked frozen french fries. We both eating kid-like meals – hot dogs and french fries.

    We also love homemade pizza. We get the pizza dough from TJ’s or make it at home and top it a million different ways.

  10. For the Love of Peanut Butter

    that dip looks delishhhh!

  11. sounds like a realllyyy yummy dip!

  12. Insanely delicious eats!! And hell yes for dried figs 🙂

    Happy Friday!! Keep feeling better!!

  13. Oatmeal, Almond Butter, Dried Figs, AND Spaghetti Squash?!?! Come and cook for me please =)

  14. That dip looks SO GOOD!

  15. Bummer about the Ezekiel 😦 glad you’re feeling better though!!

    The dip sounds great! My fav dinner: Grilled cheese and soup which I haven’t had in a while

  16. MMM that dip looks delicious!!

    Our fav. tv night dinner is homemade pizza. We get the refridgerated whole wheat pizza dough from TJs and make our own little pizzas. There are always leftovers and it is a healthier way to have the pizza we crave 🙂

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  17. I like the idea of having Veggies with the Mexican dip!

    Check out my afternoon post. Angela has started a blog and she’s doing a guest post on mine to introduce it.

  18. Hi Andrea…

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile but this is my first comment 🙂 I’ve decided it’s time to get the recipe for the cranberry ketchup…I’m intrigued! Please email it to me (

  19. Those two slices of bread look so good. I like the contrast of colors; I bet they went well together.

    What do you think of living in Charlottesville? The boyfriend and I went there on vacation last summer and loved it. We stayed in a town about 20 miles away. We’re probably going back this summer. I imagine it to be a very beautiful place to live.

  20. Your food looks so good, especially the dip!

    Weekend plans… not much since I have to work both days. But my parents are coming into town so I’d imagine a dinner out with them

  21. Pruett&Daphne


  22. your mexican dip looks sooo good!
    sushi or pizza is my favorite tv/movie dinner 🙂

  23. That dip sounds and looks delicious!

  24. where do you find the cranberry ketchup? and I love pizza for a stay at home dinner – so fun to make.

  25. your toast looks SOOOOOOOOO good! i had some today but it didnt look as yummy 🙂

  26. mmm your dip sounds yummmyyyy!

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