sleepy girl

Hello lovelies!  Tonight’s post will be a short one, I’m not feelin’ so hot.  Actually, I’m really tired, and a hot bath is loudly calling my name…  🙂  The hubb and I haven’t been sleeping well lately, we are in desperate need of a new mattress.  That, coupled with my very hilly 3-1/2 mile run this afternoon has left me sleepy and ready for some down time!

Breakfast:  A repeat of Monday…oats!  With some vanilla, cinnamon, one small, ripe, mashed banana, ground flax seeds and a spoonful of almond butter.


Lunch:  More lentil salad, this time layered with spinach on the bottom and feta on the top…tasty!  On the side, 1/2 a whole wheat pita and a large pear.


Snacks:  Clems and Stoneyfield Yogurt.  I only ate one clem, after my run.  


Dinner:  Take-out Thai!!!!  Yay!  My fave.  I picked the tofu scallion soup with bean sprouts, and ordered some rice noodles on the side to throw on top.  The broth was absolutely amazing!  I really need to start cooking Thai food…


I also had a small pile of the hubb’s tofu pad thai and a few veggie spring rolls dipped in their amazing spicy pineapple sauce.


Does anybody have a good resource for Thai recipes?  I’m looking for a book, or website, or chef I should watch out for…

Before rushing off to the bath I must write about my run.  I’m so excited to be past the 3-mile mark and getting in 30+ minute running workouts multiple times a week!  While at dinner with our friends last weekend, Kelly and I chatted about starting to run together again occasionally.  She was my first running partner in Charlottesville, we trained for the 2006 Women’s 4-Miler together.  We’re both designers (she’s actually a registered architect) and our offices are right next door to each other downtown.  We decided to pick at least one night a week (Wednesdays!) to leave work a little early and get in a good 3+ mile run together before darkness falls.  Tonight Kelly picked our 3-1/2 mile route and it was HILLY!  So great though, I feel like we got a great workout in, along with fabulous conversation.

And now I’m off to the bathtub to sooth my tired body.  Goodnight!  🙂


24 responses to “sleepy girl

  1. Fabulous eats and run!!

    **Thai recipes:

    Feel better soon, Andrea!!

  2. How great that you have a running buddy right next door! Congrats on crossing the 3 mile mark. 🙂

  3. Delicious Thai food!!! Mmm.

  4. Those spring rolls look so good. So colorful.

    I hope you feel better soon, I think it’s going around.

  5. Hope you rest well tonight and feel better!

  6. I am so jealous of your run! By the time I get home nowadays, it’s already dark 😦 That 3-mile route sounds wonderful.

    Yummm, thai soup. All your eats look delicious!

  7. chez pim has a DIVINE and authentic pad thai explanation, as well as some others that i haven’t tried yet. if you haven’t ventured into vietnamese food before, i highly recommend you try it! it’s so naturally fresh, healthy and TASTY. wandering chopsticks is a great blog, with innumerable recipes.

  8. Your Thai takeout pictures are amazing. You take wonderful food pictures.

  9. A good mattress can make such a difference!

    That is so exciting that you have a running buddy now!

    I have a Thai cookbook, but its a little too exotic for me (i.e. ingredients I can’t find, bizarre proteins, etc.), so please let us know if you find a good resource.

    Hope you feel better!

    Feel better

  10. I just google all my recipes! I actually picked up some rice paper wrappers and some Pho noodles so I’m planning on a Vietnamese meal sometime in the near future to include veggie spring rolls and yummy veggie Pho! I found a place in Centreville that serves veggie broth Pho (since I’m vegan) and its FABULOUS – I will model mine after that.

    I love trying to copy restaurants meals that hubby and I love so then we can easily make at home for cheaper!

    One of my favs is a hong kong style sea bass from Costal Flats ( and it should be pretty simple to make…

    Congrats on the run! I hope to be where you are soon – I’m still struggling with getting my mileage up after taking all of last week OFF 😦 sucks. I could BARELY run 1 mile yesterday WTF! (any idea when you will post up the 2nd half of your training program?)

  11. Feel better soon!!

    Your Thai dinner has inspired me to finally give in and try some – I’ve never had it before and it looks like I am missing out!

  12. Congrats on your fab. run! I’m about to start a training schedule and I wish I had a running buddy!

    Those spring rolls look so good!!

  13. Pruett&Daphne

    Yay for running buddies! Pruett and Daphne keep us motivated for exercise – especially now that they are getting older and we can finally go for longer stretches. Can’t wait for the time to change though so we can go for walks after work in the light! Sadly with the time change comes the heat and humidity – DREADED! Keep it up!

  14. congrats on the run! what a great accomplishment! and now im in the mood for some thai food 🙂

  15. I hope the bath was good! (But then again, when is a bath not good? hehe.)

  16. Yay for running partners! They seriously make life soooo much easier!

  17. I hope your sleep did you well! The thai looks amazing… definitely adding that to my To-Cook-List!

  18. runningwithfood

    I love Thai food, but don’t think I have any recipes … I will have to check for ya.

    Hope you are feeling better, girl!

  19. Congrats on the miles!! what a great accomplishment.
    The din looks superb…..I just wish I knew some stuff on Thai eats since i’ve never had any before! AHHCK!

  20. your dinner looks so amazing.. i love it!!!

  21. all your eats look so incredibly good, i’m speically lovin the lookie of the oatmeal (mmm…almond butter!) and lentil salad
    Man i wish i could run 3 miles! That’s so awesome

  22. oh yum that thai food looks soooo good!! I’ve never had it..but I need to try it

  23. darn, feel better!! thai is always exciting, yet I never eat it…thanks for the reminder 🙂

  24. Thanks for all of the great comments, everybody! I will definitely post any new Thai recipes I find…I’m really excited! And, if you haven’t tried Thai food yet…GO! Its so fresh and delish. 🙂

    Sarah – This weekend is the last long run in the first 1/2 of the program, then I will meet with my coach and get the second 1/2. So hopefully I’ll have it up at the beginning of next week! 🙂

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