more merriness…

We have been going non-stop ever since we left Charlottesville early Tuesday morning!  Its been great to catch up with friends and family, and I think we’ll have a couple of days to relax now before heading back north.  I saw on the weather this morning that Charlottesville has reached 60*, so I’m happy that we’ll be heading home to a little warmth and won’t have too big of a shock when we leave this lovely Florida weather!

Yesterday the hubb and I went to my hometown to visit with my Daddy and stepfamily.  I always love to catch up with them because they are so full of energy and good cheer.  Definitely a busy household!  But first, we again took advantage of the Florida warmth and went for a run in the morning.  Just a couple of miles because we’ve had some time off, but it was still great to get out on the road and stretch our legs. 

Breakfast:  Bananas Foster Oatmeal.  Soooooooooooo good.  Another flavor of New Orleans that is a favorite.  My stepfather sauteed bananas in butter and brown sugar then poured them over our rolled oats flavored with vanilla extract.  On the side I had some sliced citrus.



Lunch:  My daddy took us to my favorite Mexican / Cuban restaurant, El Leoncito.  I had 1/2 of a Cuban sandwich with black beans and sweet plantains on the side, along with a margarita on the rocks.  I’ve missed that combo!

Snack:  A latte from my daddy’s new espresso machine…fancy!


We also shared a couple of great glasses of wine while waiting for the sun to set so that we could check out my dad’s fabulous Christmas lights display.  I have to brag…my dad’s lights are the best I’ve ever seen.  He wins the neighborhood contest every year that he is eligible (only every other year).  These pictures don’t even do them justice, but they’ll give you an idea.  He had hundreds of visitors on Christmas Eve walking through his yard to see all of the details…





After seeing the lights we went over to my step-grandparents’ house for some chili and Christmas carol singing.  Sadly, all of the pictures were taken on my stepsisters’ and dad’s cameras so I have none to post right now.  😦

Today my Momma and I had a spa day!  We got up early for some breakfast…

Breakfast:  Egg white omelet with sauteed veggies and a biscuit with homemade tangerine preserves.  I was craving veggies since I hadn’t had any in a couple of days…


Then we went to Essentials Day Spa for massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and a shampoo/style.  It was so lovely!!!  They served us lunch and wine…I had a mixed greens salad (more veggies!!!) with feta, tomatoes and walnuts and two (yes two!) glasses of chardonnay.  Let me just say…I feel amazing!

Snack:  I broke into the Coconut Mango White Chocolate Bread Pudding [recipe to come]…hey, I’m on vacation, right?!?  Argh…I’m going to gain 10 pounds on this trip, I just know it.  Luckily its been a relatively light day and we’re going for sushi tonight…  🙂


Alright lovelies, I’m hoping to have some recipe posts up tonight and tomorrow.  Its so hard to get behind the computer when you’re around family!  Have a fabulous weekend!  🙂


9 responses to “more merriness…

  1. that oatmeal looks amazing bananas butter and sugar yum!

  2. Those are some amazing lights!

    Your pictures looks beautiful, as usual. I love the expresso shot!

  3. yummy oatmeal!!! i love cuban food too!! : )

    you only think you will gain ten pounds! you are lucky you’ve been able to run while on vacation, balances out all the food : )

    on a side note love the lights and the facials!

  4. AMAAAAZING lights and eats!! And yes, girl – you’re on vacation, so enjoy it to the fullest!! 😀

  5. That oatmeal sounds amazing!!! Wow.

    The Christmas displays are so cute and the spa day must have been fabulous!!!

  6. OMG spa and delicious food, and drinks! What a fun vacay, your dad is awesome!

  7. wow those houses look amazing!

    and love the spa food! so yummy!

  8. oooh, i LOVE bananas foster! and coincidentally i’m also headed to FL in a couple of days. i can’t wait to get my fill of some SUN!

  9. What an amazing day! Wine, spa, relaxing all sound wonderful. I love the your family’s festive Christmas lights. We drive around at least 2 nights a week during the holiday season to check out neighborhood light displays.

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