Last night as I was setting my alarm before bed I told the hubb I’d be getting up early to practice some yoga.  He laughed and told me that no, it was far more likely that when my alarm sounded he’d roll over to cuddle me and convince me to turn it off.  Well, he was right.  No yoga for me this morning…but it sure felt good to sleep in a little!  I hit snooze every 10 minutes for a full hour.  Do any of you do that?  I like to wake up slowly so I always set my alarm for 20-30 minutes earlier than I actually need to get up so that I can hit snooze a couple of times.  Is that strange? I’ve done it since high school.  Its gotten worse now because I will literally hit snooze for a full hour (like I did this morning).  Each time it goes off I wake up a little bit more.  I’m just not a jump right out of bed when the alarm sounds kinda girl…

Anyway, I made up for my lack of yoga this morning with 50 minutes of yoga this evening.   It felt great, and now I feel good and stretched out for my 3-1/2 mile training run tomorrow morning!  🙂

Today’s eats:

Breakfast:  Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin muffin with 1-1/2 tbsp almond butter, sliced apple and cranberry ketchup!  Oh my…this was delicious!  I love the Ezekiel Muffin/nut butter/fruit combo…it keeps me so satisfied!



Several of you have asked for the cranberry ketchup recipe, which I got from Erin at Care To Eat. I’ve asked her permission to post, so if she says yes I will hopefully have it up tomorrow!  If you can’t wait though, just send her an email and I’m sure she’ll give it to you, she’s a sweetie!

Morning Snack:  I didn’t need a snack because my super-hearty breakfast kept me happy through the morning.  But when my hubb brought me a donut from his office, I just couldn’t resist!  Actually, it was a spudnut…even better.  Have you ever heard of a Spudnuts?  I hadn’t before moving to Charlottesville. Apparently Spudnuts used to be all over the country but I thought that ours was the last in existence, until finding the above website that states there are still 35 locations spread across the USA. Here’s ours…


(image from here)

A spudnut is a donut made with potato flour, and they are heavenly.  Better than a Krispy Kreme any day of the week…  I chose a glazed spudnut with shredded coconut on top.  YUM.  It had been so long that  I forgot how good they are.  Indulgent.  🙂

Lunch:  Whole wheat pita stuffed with TJ’s edamame hummus, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli slaw and red bell pepper, along with TJ’s split pea soup.  I didn’t eat the second 1/2 of my pita…perhaps because I was full of spudnut?!?!?  The TJ’s split pea soup was pretty good.  I honestly have nothing to compare it too….I’m pretty sure this was my first split pea soup experience ever! Surprising for a girl who loves her soup…


Snack:  I’m in fridge/freezer/pantry clean-out mode, and it was driving me crazy this morning that I had just a little Kashi H2H left in the pantry but didn’t want cereal for breakfast.  So, I added it to the trail mix that the hubb made me last week and brought the tub to the office to live.


It contains: Kashi H2H, mixed nuts, dried cherries, pineapple and pears, and crystalized ginger.  I had about 1/2 a cup of the small stuff and one dried pear.

Dinner:  Veggie Bean Chili a la my hubb…he’s the best!  We had it over brown rice pasta, with a little sprinkling of cheddar on top.  I also had a glass of Meridian Cabernet…this is one of our favorite wines for every day.



Well, I officially have 3 full days left before leaving for Florida Tuesday morning!!!  Soooooo excited, but this weekend is going to be ridiculously busy so my posting may be minimal…  Here are a few To Do’s:

  • training run (3-1/2 miles!)
  • haircut
  • finish knitting
  • finish last minute shopping
  • make christmas gift boxes for c’ville friends (bark, marshmallows and hot cocoa mix)
  • finish wrapping presents
  • laundry and packing
  • yoga sunday afternoon
  • make dessert for company party
  • my company party sunday night
  • the hubb’s company party monday night (hence all the packing happening this weekend)

I know you’re all really busy too and I hope that you all accomplish the enormous lists that you’ve made yourselves!!!  What’s on your agenda this weekend?

PS:  All of you Google Readers out there…let me know if you still can’t read my full post.  Thanks!  🙂

PSS:  The vote was unanimous…no summary posts!  Thank you all for the great feedback, I just didn’t want you annoyed by slow page loading but it doesn’t sound like thats a problem, so I won’t change a thing!


13 responses to “spudnut!

  1. I had the TJ’s split pea soup today too 😀 I loved it.

  2. I have google reader and it’s coming through great!!

  3. I’ve never heard of donuts with potato flour. Sounds doughy!

  4. Here we call them tatonuts’ 🙂 they are my husbands favorite, he swears better than KK!

    Your pictures are always so fresh and beautiful!

    I hope we get the cranberry ketchup recipe 😀

  5. I read the whole thing- beautiful!

  6. Hopefully Erin will post the cranberry ketchup recipe 🙂 Your chili looks so good!
    Do you prefer almond butter to peanut butter and do you have a favorite brand? (I know it’s random, I’m just curious though hehe)

  7. The donut sounds delicious.

    Yay for yoga 🙂

  8. love your muffin & cranberry combo – it sounds so yummy!

  9. runningwithfood

    Whoever invented the snooze button was a genius!!

    Mmm … donuts. Coconut + donuts = even better!!

    I am so in love with your photographs. Everything is always so crisp and clear! Beautiful!

  10. I love your bowls/plates! Pita sandwiches are THE best things ever. I had one today :]

  11. I just found your blog and it is so cute! I love the breakfast sandwich…ooo and the dried fruit and cereal combo! Delish!

  12. great blog, all your food looks mouth watering. anyway i hate getting up so much in the mornings, I think I’ve become terrified of ringing sounds, anything that sounds vaguely like my alarm clock makes me jump! I’ve never heard of those spud things, better than krispy kreme’s~ wow I want one!

  13. The best Spudnut is the cherry bearclaw, hot and fresh early on a Saturday morning with a glass of cold skim milk. Be still my heart, I miss C’ville just thinking about it.

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