trader joe’s request!!

I hope everybody is having a fabulous Sunday!!!  I’ve been having fun in my kitchen whipping up a few of the BSI entries submitted to me this week!  Don’t forget to send me your recipe by 8pm tonight, and even if I didn’t get a chance to actually make it you are of course still in the running to win!!!

Before I forget, last night I had a little snack while watching Sex + The City reruns…


An unsweetened apple sauce cup with Annie’s Honey Bunny Grahams on top.  Not pictured are the two additional handfuls of bunnies I had after this…I had such a sweet tooth yesterday!!!

Breakfast:  Bowl of cereal, boring I know but it was just what I wanted. I combined 1/2 cup Kashi H2H, 1/2 cup Nature’s Path Flax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Crunch, 1 cup Silk plain soymilk and 1 sliced banana.


Workout:  Vinyasa Yoga at Studio 206.  Mmmmmmmm.  🙂

Lunch:  Leftover Healthified Enchi-rito and a HUGE pear…yum!


I’ll be back later to post the BSI:GINGER results!!! (probably after 10pm est…)

IMPORTANT ::: Trader Joe’s Request

On Tuesday I have to drive to Raleigh for a project meeting.  Because we don’t have Trader Joe’s in Charlottesville, I am planning on stopping at TJ’s in either Raleigh or Richmond on the way home.  This will be my FIRST TJ’S EXPERIENCE EVER!!!  I would love some advice from all of you lucky readers who get to shop at TJ’s weekly…What should I get?!?  I want to try out some of your favorite TJ’s items, so please tell me the items you buy at TJ’s that you can’t live without!  Thank you!!!  🙂


27 responses to “trader joe’s request!!

  1. Trader Joe’s! I trek it downtown once a week to stock up b/c you can get such great deals there! Some of my favorites – peanut butter, Larabars, Greek yogurt (all SO inexpensive), and canned vegetarian chili.

  2. hey andrea! have fun on your trader joe’s adventure 🙂 i haven’t bought much from there, but i know they have pretty good prices for higher-end items like almond butter & greek yogurt. their trail mixes, granolas, dried fruit, and mixed nuts are also very unique! i personally liked their packaged baked goods, like mini muffins and scones! have fun and be sure to share the purchases with us 🙂

  3. OMG-1st time, how exciting!!! For the TJ’s actual brand- I lovve their unsalted PB- crunchy or reg, Roasted artichoke and red pepper tapenade, Pumpkin butter, Multigrain crackers and their cereals! Have funnn


  5. The canned Trader Joe’s split pea soup is really delicious!!

  6. Get their vegetarian split pea soup, pumpkin butter, their peanut butter is the best (organic creamy), flax tortilla chips….salsas…SOO much 🙂

  7. haha, i have heard good things about the candy cane joe joes, but their pb reigns supreme. their greek yogurt is also cheap, but it has a little more tang i think than others just beware 🙂 ummm… just go in there and take your time if you can! the only thing i’ve ever been disappointed with from there is their rotisserie chicken (no meat!).

  8. I posted my favorite items a few months ago here:
    I also loved there cranberry apple butter and plan to get more. I agree the candy cane joe joes (oreo’s) rock!!

  9. Lucky..I have been wanting to go to a Trader Joe’s. I’m jealous!

  10. Yay for TJs!

    Here’s my staples:

    their hummus (whatever flavors you think you’ll like – but I can say – their “original” and their “roasted red pepper” are to die for!

    also – their “popped” chips – they come in bbq and plain – they are so good

    their 3 berry granola is awesome

    so is their sushi (i get the spicy california roll)

    and last but not least – buy their whole wheat pizza dough! (it comes in a sack in the “fridge” section – it should be about 1.19 or so) – it’s SUCH A QUICK EASY HEALHTY meal, and you can freeze it too!

    home that helps!

  11. If your going to Trader Joe’s you should stock up on their greek yogurt! It’s such a great price and is so tasty. I also love their trail mix, they have ones that are loaded with antioxidents and their cheeses are nice as well.

  12. Cranberry Apple Butter is a perfect balance of sweet and tart, and really good over plain yogurt.
    Garlic naan in the freezer section is a favorite of mine. I use it not just to sop up curry but also to dip in soup, or make an individual pizza.
    Their frozen tamales, frozen pizzas, chicken sausage, pot stickers, crumpets, simmer sauces, and peanut butter filled pretzels are also things i regularly pick up. I love tjs!

  13. You HAVE TO get the rosemary marcona almonds!!! omg sooo good!

  14. I WISH I had a Trader Joe’s so that I could give you recommendations!

    Good luck judging BSI tonight, I bet they’re all amazing!

  15. oh…I’m a true Tj’s fans. Weekly shopping at Tj’s is a must and the most pleasant experience. What can u get from there? so many goodies.
    turkey meat ball, grilled chicken (both on the frozen section)
    pita bread, 5 seeds, 3 seeds breads!

  16. We’re lucky to live like 2 miles from a TJ’s, so I get to visit it frequently.

    I love walking their dried fruit and nut aisle – it’s really great and you can buy a bunch of bags for really cheap.

    Their “butters” are also really delicious. They’ve got some unique ones, and other ones that sell a lot cheaper than other stores. A few of my favorites are sunflower seed butter and almond butter.

    Peruse their frozen section for goodies. I love their walnut and gorgonzola tortellini and potstickers and eggrolls, too! Bags of frozen fruits are always yummy.

    Treat-wise, we LOVE the chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate covered pistachios and peanut butter filled pretzel bites.

    And you cannot have a complete trip to TJ’s without the great WINES! I’ve bought so many great wines there, and I’m not even a huge wine fan. They really do their homework before they stock a wine, and it shows. Plus, the prices are outrageous! One of my favorite whites is only $3.99 a bottle!

  17. Oh man, they don’t have Trader Joe’s where I live (Spokane, WA) but back when I lived in the Seattle area in high school I loved their refried black beans and these microwave teriyaki bowls they had. Yum, yum.

  18. I love their brand of almond butter. They have awesome chicken egg rolls, potstickers, and the cheapest Fage yogurt anywhere. Don’t plan on buying any produce there, its usually cheaper at your local grocery store.

    Have fun!

  19. TJ’s is a bi- to tri- weekly stop for me!
    I always stock up on
    – hummus
    – greek yogurt
    – fat free feta
    – frozen tri colored peppers and artichokes
    – WINTER BLEND coffee (SOO good and seasonal)
    – yogurts
    – sprouted wheat bread
    – nuts
    – twigs and flakes cereal
    – quinoa
    – pb
    – salad dressings
    – chunky almond butter
    – everything pretzel chips
    – bars
    Those are just a few!!

  20. I can’t believe I realized this BSI submission too late…oh well, I did just make some yummy gingerbread granola though, just posted about it 🙂

    Oh Trader Joes…how I love thee!

    plain greek yogurt, individual blueberry greek yogurts, chicken potstickers, Soycuttash!, basically almost all of their frozen meals are great!, mini biscotti, sour cream and onion soy crisps, tomato and red pepper soup, butternut squash soup, pistachio dark chocolate toffee. Basically just take your time and check out all the neat stuff they have…the shelves above teh freezers, oh and I love their PB!

  21. You guys are AWESOME!!!! Thanks for all of the fabulous suggestions…I can’t wait to step foot in TJ’s!!!! 🙂

  22. twigs, flakes & clusters cereal
    gummie tummys penguins 😀
    i loooove their dried fruits too 😀 get the freeze-dried mangosteens & rambutans!!!

  23. Lucky for me, my father works right by the TJ’s in Annapolis and he stops in at least once a week. My shopping list staples are TJ hummus (try the new edamame one, it is ridiculously good), ww pizza dough, fresh mozzarella, and chocolate covered edamame. Right now we are also buying the candy cane Joe Joes and gingerbread cake mix. I also love the TJ brand shampoos.

  24. Oh, I can’t believe no one mentioned Trader Joe’s Dijon Mustard. Puts Grey Poupon to shame! I also like their kalamata olives, capers, whole wheat pizza dough, goat cheese with cranberries, creamy cilantro salad dressing and WINE! 🙂

  25. I live about 90 minutes from the nearest TJ’s but everytime I get near there we have to stop. I take a cooler just to get some good stuff at a good deal. My faves: pumpkin butter, peanut butter, greek yogurt (so much cheaper here), pizza dough (as someone above mentioned you can freeze it, too), this grain blend that has quinoa, chickpeas, and some other stuff that is awesome, the roasted red pepper and tomato soup is great, and pot stickers.

  26. Two things I forgot – the chicken sausage. It comes in many flavors but my fav so far is bell pepper and onion.

    I also forgot about the wine. I’m not a big wine drinker but my husband is. He buys it from TJ’s by the case. They also have beer that he really likes. The one in closest to us is Atlanta (midtown) and they have a pretty big alcohol selection.

  27. sunseed butter is sooo yummy! it makes granny smith apples taste like a caramel apple with it!

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