leftovers and no-bakes!

Happy Wednesday!  Can you believe Thanksgiving was already one week ago?!?  Crazy.  I hope you have all had a fabulous day.  Thank you all for the great comments today and for being so supportive of my blog and decision to try one post a day…I think it will be better to keep the food diary consolidated into a summary each night.  I’ll give it a trial period and see how it goes!  🙂  I’m sorry I haven’t been responding to comments…I need to play catch-up!!!

My day was pretty busy, but not as busy as it really needed to be.  I’ve got a big meeting on Tuesday in Raleigh for my project, and just 2 weeks until a big big big deadline.  I’m not feeling the pressure yet which scares me…I’m afraid its going to mean some REALLY late nights at the end of this two weeks.  😦  I did have a fabulous run after work though! Brian and I went to UVA campus for a lovely 2 mile run.  It felt SO GOOD!!!  Brian’s legs are much longer than mine so he gets ahead of me but is sweet enough to slow down and let me catch up.  We don’t talk much, which I’m actually starting to like because it gives me time to get lost in my own thoughts.  I’m just so excited that running is becoming enjoyable for me again and that so far I seem to be steering clear of injury!  WooHoo!  I can’t wait to keep increasing my mileage and run the New Year’s Day 5k, it’ll be here before I know it!

On to food…

Breakfast: Slice of Maple Banana Cornbread (still moist after 4 days!!!) with 1 tbsp almond butter, 1 cup of vanilla Oikos and my persimmon.




This was my first persimmon, and I was surprised at how sweet/mild the flavor was. I was expecting it to be much more tart. The flesh is very similar to a mango, and the skin (in my opinion) is inedible. I enjoyed it, but wound up picking it out of the yogurt to eat on its own. The yogurt overpowered the mild taste of the fruit.

Lunch: I made a quick lima bean and corn salad (inspired from a Self recipe this summer…) and tossed it on a bed of spinach.

  • 3/4 cup frozen lima beans, thawed
  • 1/2 cup frozen corn, thawed
  • 1/2 cup chopped red bell pepper
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tsp dijon mustard

This was such a yummy combo, the dressing from the salad coated the spinach leaves perfectly.



Snack:  Pink Lady Apple (of course!) and the other 1/2 of my Cinnamon Roll Larabar.


Dinner:  Leftover Healthified Baked Ziti and a spinach salad.  Look at that monster piece Brian cut me!  Its actually only 1.5 servings, and I managed to eat most of it…!


My salad tonight had fresh spinach, hearts of palm, red bell pepper, celery, almonds and light ranch dressing.  Yum!


Dessert:  I made cookies!!!  I’ve been in such a baking mood lately…  This is another of Brian’s favorite recipes from his grandmother.  I did make a few modifications…I just can’t help myself!!!  These cookies are so great and simple because they require NO BAKING!!!  They are completely similar to Gina’s breakfast cookies but not quite as healthy…  I thought about adding banana to these but I just don’t know that they would hold up well enough to actually be little bite-size cookies.  Plus, I didn’t want to derail Brian too much…  🙂  Anyway, they are still hardening (but seem to be taking awhile…hopefully my modifications didn’t screw them up!!!) so I will snap some pictures tonight and post the recipe tomorrow if they turn out ok.  And if not, I’ll post Brian’s grandmothers original recipe because I KNOW they are delicious!!!

Here they are hardening…


Oh little chocolate-y, peanut butter-y, oatmeal-y bites of goodness I could eat all of you!!!!

What is your favorite family recipe?


11 responses to “leftovers and no-bakes!

  1. I was amazed at the moistness of the cornbread too! I swear it kept getting moister as the days went on.

    Favorite family recipe? So hard to choose just one! My earliest memory of a “family recipe” is Seven Layer Squares – the ones with the graham cracker crust, chocolate and butterscotch chips, coconut, etc. We made those ALL the time.

    Ok, must stop procrastinating with my PowerPoint presentation. Arg – I can’t work late nights like this during the holidays! Too distracting!

  2. That breakfast looks so simple and delicious! As does the simple lunch salad and dinner. How was the cinnamon roll larabar? I want to try it!

    Love the cookies. Can’t wait to see if they work out with your modifications.

    Try to stay calm & paced with your big deadlines coming up. Gooood luck 🙂

  3. I’ve never had a persimmon! If they are sweet and mild, I’ll have to try one.

    UVA is so pretty! What a great place to run. 🙂

    The family recipe that comes to mind is a harvest cake my grandmother makes. It has tons of apples in it, so it’s the perfect fall treat!

  4. I love the cinnamon roll Larabar! I might have to start only posting once a day as well, so it’s definitely fine that you’re trying that out! I hope it works better for you 🙂

  5. Ashley – oh those seven layer squares sound delish!!! Good luck with the powerpoint…working late is no fun. 😦

    Amy – The cinnamon larabar was good, but I prefer the cherry and apple pie bars. Actually, the cinnamon roll tasted exactly like the cherry pie, just without the cherry flavor…same spicy goodness though. Sorry to disappoint with the cookies…check out my next posting, its pretty sad.

    Larua – Definitely try it! I won’t be making it a staple because they are expensive, but worth having every once in awhile!

    Ryan – You see how well the one post a day worked for me so far…hehe. 🙂

  6. my fave family recipe is my grandmother’s brownie’s- i’ll have to blog them sometime!

    I agree with you about the persimmon! I ate one the other morning, and picked it out of the mixture because it’s much better solo!

  7. great job w/ the run! i know, boys have such longer legs..my brothers both take one step for every two of mine…LOL!

  8. landoffruitsandnuts

    Great job recreating the Self recipe, I remembered seeing it in the magazine once I saw the picture- it looks just like the recipe did in the mag!
    Those cookies look and sound amazing- hope they harden and taste as good as the real thing!

  9. I’m glad you enjoyed your run so much! Good luck getting ready for the 5K!

    I specifically bought all the ingredients to the Self recipe after seeing it on here! I can’t wait to make it!

  10. Caroline – Please do! I love brownies… 🙂

    Melissa – Thank you! He’s a good sport for sticking with me, but I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to run more than a few miles together!…

    landoffruitsandnuts – Thank you! Sadly the cookies didn’t turn out so well… 😦

    Ashley – Thanks! I hope you enjoy it, its one of my favorite quick lunches!

  11. I absolutely adore persimmons. You should try the Fuyu kind – you don’t have to wait until they’re super soft to eat them, because they’re not bitter when they’re hard.

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