exciting stuff in the blog world…

Hi Everybody!  Thank you all for the great comments today!  I loved hearing about all of your favorite foods…it definitely seems like nut butters and bananas are the winners (and two of my daily faves as well!)

I thought I’d share a couple of exciting events happening in the blog world this week/month…

Rhodeygirl Tests is having a Cookie Contest!!!  Submit your recipe by this Friday, December 5th.  She’s going to pick 6 finalists and make each of them over the following 10 days to decide on a winner!

Heather and Mark at HangryPants have announced their quest for the month of December, to help raise awareness and money for those less fortunate.  Every comment made on the blog until December 22nd will earn 5 cents and will be donated to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank, along with all financed with their earnings from Food Buzz!  What a fabulous idea…those two are so clever!

Katie over at Good Things Catered started 25 Days of Treats yesterday.  Each day until December 25th she will be sharing a recipe for a treat that is easy to make, package and ship to be used as gifts this holiday season!  She’s already got a couple of good ones posted…go check them out!

BSI: Ginger!!!  Don’t forget to submit your recipe to me by 8pm this Sunday, December 7th.

On to the food diary…

I ate and enjoyed everything I listed earlier, except for a couple of veggies and with the addition of 1/2 a Cinnamon Bun Larabar.  I was planning to go to my 90 minute yoga class but decided I just didn’t want to get home after 9pm.  So instead I did a Power Yoga dvd at home for 50 minutes.  It was good, but definitely not as satisfying as just going to class.  I’ll try and remember that next week…

Dinner:  Baked sweet potato with 1/3 cup edamame and 1/3 cup corn, sprinkled with sea salt.  Some mashed chickpeas and Kashi crackers on the side.  I was in the mood for something simple and satisfying…this did the trick!



Alright, sorry this was short and sweet.  I’m thinking of trying one food diary post a day, what do you think? Its a little stressful trying to get a post up in the mornings before work or during my lunch break, and I was thinking it might be better to consolidate all the day’s eats into one posting.  Any thoughts?  Suggestions? Does it even matter?  🙂  What is your favorite time of day to catch up on your blog reading?


18 responses to “exciting stuff in the blog world…

  1. I think once a day would be fine! I don’t think you should add any unnecessary stress to your life. 🙂

    I do most of my blog reading at night. I try to limit my commenting at work since I never know who is watching.

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning us! I just wanted to clarify … it’s 5 cents/comment and I will use the foodbuzz money to cover the cost. I am sorry if I confused you!

  3. i think once a day is fine; i do it every day! i actually can’t post at work or in the morning at work because the marine core won’t let us upload photos…booohiss on them.

    and most of my blog reading is at night, though i do do some in the morning before i head off to work!

  4. oooo how I HATE ginger but I will work with it;)! lol THANKS FOR HOSTING IT!

  5. your was so pretty and colorful 😀 i usually do a day post and then a dinner post. but i check all the time :] mainly, in the morning, around 1-2ish and then nighttime before bed :]

  6. So much excitement, indeed!!

    I say one post – it’s easier on YOU and on loyal readers 🙂

  7. runningwithfood

    Of course, I think one post is perfect!! 🙂

    I enjoy catching up on everyone’s to-do’s in the early morning hours, when the house is nice & quiet!

    Your dinner looks delicious! Simply satisfying!!

  8. Mmmm, perfect dinner!!!

  9. That dinner looks so colorful and delicious!

    I think one post a day would be fine, I know that most days it’s 2 tops for me, and I rarely post before lunchtime (mornings are hectic)…just whatever works for you!

  10. Hey! Just caught your blog! Great BSI…can’t wait to make a GINGER recipe!
    I do one post a day…..that works out well for my schedule!

  11. i would say whatever works for you will have to work for us as well! i have been slacking on my posting all together i need to get it done! but i find that at night i have no more motivation and in the mornings im busy reading blogs and working ; )

    i’ll be checking out that cookie contest!!!

  12. I agree with everyone else, do what’s easier for you. We’ll all still read regardless! 🙂

    Thanks for the heads-up on the contests!

  13. You dinner looks so good and that picture is just stunning. The colors are so gorgeous!

  14. Great Recap of what is going on! I seemed to have missed a few things so I was so excited to use your review! Thanks for keeping us organized on all of the great happenings!
    🙂 Your dinner looks amazing too!

  15. Once a day is totally fine – I’m thinking about doing the same just for the convenience factor. I submitted my BSI recipe by the way!! 🙂

  16. Hi Andrea! I just stumbled upon your blog today and I think it’s really great, I feel like I can relate a lot to your story and running journey. And your pictures are PHENOMENAL!
    One, two, three posts a day, whatever. I’ll be reading regardless 🙂

  17. I love your blog and will look forward to any post you make! Your food and lifestyle are inspiring. And your pictures are GORGEOUS! I could eat the screen =)

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