photo failure

Today was not the best photo day for me.  I relied on my iphone a bit too much, but I did snag this shot of our Friday afternoon snacks at the office while my boss was away from the table.  


I had 6 crackers and probably 1-1.5 oz of yummy smoked gouda.  And a small glass of wine.  Look at that knife!!!  Haha, we really need to work on our tools for these little events.  🙂  I didn’t eat my Clif Nectar for a snack because I was anticipating the wine/cheese Friday tradition.  However, in hindsight the bar might not have been a bad idea because I wouldn’t have been tempted to eat quite as many crackers…  Oh well.  It was tasty!  🙂

When we got home we had a package waiting on our doorstep.  If any of you have younger siblings you will be familiar with this scenario.  A month or so ago we got an email from Brian’s mom explaining that Bri’s little bro was having a fundraiser at school.  We had a catalog of things to choose from, and wound up ordering some wrapping paper and these little beauties.


Considering that we paid $15 for 10 little 1″ x 1″ toffee squares I couldn’t resist eating one of them, but I’m happy to let Brian finish off the box cause they are calorie heavy.

And now for the real photo tragedy.  I was so rushed taking my dinner pictures that I didn’t realize that my memory card was not in my camera.  😦  So sad.  I’ll tell you about dinner, but you’ll have to picture its loveliness in your head.

Dinner:  Chicken tenders a la coffee talk with sauteed garlicky collard greens and roasted parmesan cauliflower.  The tenders were good, I did half the batch with honey mustard dressing and the other half with bbq sauce.  I baked the tenders for about 20 minutes, smeared them with sauce, then broiled them for about 3 minutes on each side.  Watch closely though, every oven’s different and they could burn quickly! The collards were great as always…love me some greens.  And the cauliflower was okay.  Brian really liked it, but I thought maybe I put a bit too much parmesan on it, it was a little rich for me.  I only ate about a 1/2 cup.

I realized my camera mistake by the time I fished some dessert out of the fridge: Kozy Shack rice pudding with frozen blueberries again.  This was the one photo I could have done without since it looks exactly like last night’s dessert!  


Tomorrow is a big day!

  1. I am making our grocery list for Thanksgiving!!!  We’re going to pick up the non-veggies tomorrow during our normal grocery shopping trip, then pick up the veggies Tuesday or Wednesday.  I am so excited for Thanksgiving, I’ll give details tomorrow of our plans. 
  2. I figured out my BSI recipe tonight!  I’m going to try it out tomorrow, but I need to pick up a couple of things at the store…
  3. Week #4 of the training program!  Saturday is long run day…our long run is up to 1.75 miles, we’re slowly creeping up there!  Because it is going to be so cold tomorrow at 8am when the group meets, Brian and I decided to wait and go on our own at noon.  It will be a balmy 37* then so I’m sure we’ll be out on the road in shorts and tank tops…. Kidding.  🙂

Do any of you have big weekend plans?


10 responses to “photo failure

  1. i love rice pudding:) looks so yummy!

  2. No worries about the photos – you described your meals perfectly; and the photos you DO have look lovely!! 🙂

    Ooooh, those toffee squares look so devilishly decadent – yum!!


    **My weekend plans = personal-training sessions, loads of schoolwork; and meeting a fellow blogger at Whole Foods! 🙂

  3. No big plans here. 🙂 I’ll probably just do a little shopping.

    Is that a Barboursville winery glass? I’ve always wanted to go there. The pictures I’ve seen are so beautiful.

  4. Maya – Thank you!

    Liz – They are sooo decadent! A Whold Foods meet-up! How fun!

    Laura – It is from Barboursville! Its about 25 minutes from Charlottesville, you should definitely go if you get the chance. Beautiful, great wine and I hear the restaurant is fabulous (but expensive)!

  5. We’ve been planning our Thanksgiving menu all week. I’m really excited! Who are you cooking for?

    My big plans for the weekend include seeing a U2 cover band (last night – so fun!), trying Bikram yoga for the first time (in 2 hours – so scared!) and having brunch with some friends from high school (nostalgia!).

  6. I absolutely love toffee squares. Can’t wait to see your BSI submission. 😀


  7. yummy looking toffee squares! cant wait for your BSI submission 🙂

  8. That’s very cool about your work doing wine, cheese and crackers on Fridays. That is something very different!

    Hvae fun this weekend shopping and planning for Turkey Day!

  9. Enjoy your weekend. Everything looks great!

  10. your phone takes great pictures!!! i wish mine turned out that good. the resolution on my phone is terrible.

    those are some pricey chocolates. they look decadent.

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