Hi All!!!  I’m sorry I’ve been absent last night and today…  I’m officially through my deadline, WooHoo!  I will do a catch-up post this afternoon/evening.  Unfortunately I don’t have that much exciting food news to post…my creativity with food flies out the window when I’m stressed and we’ve eaten out a lot the last couple of days.  I’ll still post though, if nothing else than to keep myself accountable!  🙂 

Its DREARY here today!  I hope you all are having better weather where you’re at!


3 responses to “done!

  1. HELL YES!!! I knew you’d make it through/get it all done 🙂

    Blah, super-dreary here too 😦 AND FREEZING!!

  2. woohoo yay for being done with your work! it’s dreary here too. im heading out of my apartment for the fist time all morning. clearly im putting off entering the cold, grim weather today :]
    have fun catching up on the blogworld 😀

  3. The weather is miserable here too. 😦 It should make for some nice sleeping after working hard all week at least.

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