12 days of cookies!!!

Hi y’all!  I was just perusing the Food Network site (just a little break from work….) and saw that they have started the sign up for 12 Days of Cookies!!!!!   WooHoo!  Just thought I would share.  🙂

I think we should have a blogger contest when we get closer to the holidays to come up with fun, creative and healthy holiday baked goods! What do y’all think?


10 responses to “12 days of cookies!!!

  1. You know I’m all over that!

  2. Ashley – I knew you would be!


  4. sounds like a great idea if i could only bake! never tried to. but id love to observe everyone else participate 😀

  5. I think it soudns like a great idea! Especially since my work will be having signs ups to bring in treats for the weeks leading up to Christmas. I need ideas people!

  6. Ok ladies, I’ll take care of arranging everything. But, I’d love some more thoughts from you…like, should it be a weekly contest like BSI? Or should I assign a person to each of the first 12 days of December to come up with a recipe to share on their blog? Or it could be a combo with one big contest and 12 winners, each assigned to a day in December. What do you think?

  7. Ooh – I like the one blogger a day idea! It would be like those calendars where you get to open the box and get the piece of candy out every day until X-mas. Know what I’m talking about?

  8. Advent calendars!?

    That would be totally fun, count me in. I love to bake and it would give me a good reason to!

  9. YES YES YES! That sounds awesome!

  10. Yay! I’m glad that everybody is excited about it. Stay tuned…I’ll work out the details and make a post in the next week or two.

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