training week #2

Good morning!!! Today was my second meeting with the training group. I woke up at 7:15 to take care of the pups before driving over to the track for our 8am meeting and run. And……..I convinced my hubby to join me!!! I’m so excited. I’ve always wanted us to be a couple that runs together, but we have such a difference in height (he’s 6′-3″ and I’m 5′-4″) that its difficult for us to match our paces. But, we’re both starting with the beginning group so we’re going to see if we can train ourselves to run together. It was so great to have him there!

All of the groups (there are 5 total, and group #5 ran 8 miles today!) meet at 8am for a discussion with our coach. He goes over training tips and injury prevention and proper form etc. He also reminds us that we should be re-fueling within 30 minutes of ending our run, otherwise we will crash and burn mid-day. I experienced this last year, and as soon as I started being good about having a big glass of juice as soon as I got home from a run I was amazed at how my energy stayed up for the whole day.

So today we walked a 1/4 mile on the track, ran a mile, and walked a 1/4. It was an easy workout for Brian and I, but we used the opportunity to check each other’s form and make sure that we were keeping at a conversational pace. We had a nice 10-minute stretching session with the group afterwards, and came home feeling refreshed and accomplished! Yay for Week #2!!! I got my training program for the first 12 weeks, I’ll post I’ve posted it here so that anyone else who is looking for a good running program can use it if they’d like.

After our run we came home to get started on breakfast. I quickly put together a bowl of cereal consisting of

  • 1/2 cup Kashi Heart to Heart
  • 1/2 cup Back to Nature Maple Nut Medley
  • 1 medium banana
  • 1 cup Silk plain soymilk

I was craving cereal and orange juice when I got home, and this hit the spot.



I decided to try Meghann’s method of mixing different types of cereals, and really liked it!  I’m going to have to pick up more varieties to increase my choices.  And one of these days I’m going to try adding applesauce instead of milk…I’m completely intrigued by that idea!

Its another beautiful day in Virginia…we have been so lucky!  I’m planning to tackle my sad veggie garden to get it cleaned up for winter and maybe get some leaves raked up.  I hope you all get some fun outside time today!  🙂


8 responses to “training week #2

  1. I love that you convinced your husband to run with you! & I especially love the height difference [i’m five foot, but i loveeee really tall guys!]. Great job on your morning run.
    Beautiful breakfast—and I gotta admit, im intrigued by the wood table you’re eating on! Hehee, I really like furniture 😀

  2. Amy – I love the height difference too! 🙂 The table is a piece I’ve had for a long time…my parents bought it unfinished and my dad finished it for a Christmas present for me when I was 8! I used it as a desk until college, when it went to my first apartment with me and became a dining table (just as my parents intended!). Brian refinished it a few years ago with a dark walnut stain, and we still use it as our dining table although its a little small. I’ll keep it forever though!!! 🙂

  3. GREAT training = especially with the husband!! 🙂

    Enjoy the lovely day!!

  4. i totally am addicted to mixing cereals together! my fave combo is heart to heart and fiber one w/ banana & flax – i love the different textures 🙂 yay for a great run w/ your hubby!

  5. i have never tried kashi heart to heart
    it’s hard to find it here in mexico 😦
    Does it has a honey flavor? or vanilla?

  6. VeggieGirl – I hope that you had a great Saturday and that all of your exams went well last week!

    Lindsay – Thanks for commenting! I love reading about all of your oats combos…I’m picking up pom seeds at the store today because i’ve been drooling over your photos! 🙂

    Ana – Thats sad that you can’t find it! 😦 I love Heart to Heart…I’ve been eating the Honey Toasted variety so it does have a slight honey flavor. Its similar to honey nut cheerio’s…

  7. Mixing cereals is the best. That way you get to enjoy a variety of flavors in one sitting.

  8. Meghann – I love it! Brian doesn’t understand why we now have 4 different boxes of cereal in our pantry after our shopping trip, but I am so excited about it! 🙂

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