big night out

Brian and I were so busy today with projects around the house and yard that we didn’t get cleaned up for grocery shopping until 7:30 tonight.  We decided to make a “date” of it and grabbed dinner at Teppan Yaki, which serves traditional Japanese food they cook in front of you or pretty good Chinese and Japanese food at regular tables.  We opted for the regular table because they were pretty busy and we were  in a bit of a rush to get to Whole Foods before they closed.

I felt like something spicy, so ordered a cup of hot and sour soup to start.  It was really good, and took me about 2 minutes to finish!  I also nibbled on way too many of the fried noodles dipped in duck sauce…those things are dangerous!

[sorry for the photo quality…iphone again]


For dinner I ordered steamed veggie dumplings.  They make them to order so they take a little while to come out, but are SO worth the wait.  They had a mixture of cabbages, herbs and mushrooms inside, and came with a yummy dipping sauce.  I could only finish 4 of them, the other two are in my fridge and will make a great snack tomorrow!


Brian got the Kung Pao Shrimp, which he says was excellent.  I wouldn’t know because I am NOT a fan of shrimp.  😛

We then headed over to Whole Foods, and our bank account is much lighter now because of it.  For some reason I am ALWAYS shocked at how much it costs us to grocery shop every week.  It is really ridiculous. But we’ve tried shopping other places and are not as happy with the selection or the quality…we’re total grocery store snobs.  We’ve accepted it, and have adjusted our budget accordingly, but it is still really painful to swipe my debit card at the end of a shopping trip!

A few of my usual goodies…


These are all staples that are in our cart EVERY grocery trip

  • (z-bars are actually new goodies to try…accidently included them in this pic)
  • CLIF nectar in lemon, vanilla & cashew
  • LARABAR in cherry pie and lemon bar 
  • whole wheat tortillas
  • brown rice elbow pasta
  • butternut squash (when in season)
  • rolled oats
  • Kashi TLC crackers
  • bananas
  • red bell peppers
  • Oikos!!!
  • kale (when in season, collards if kale isn’t available)
  • unsweetened apple sauce
  • Silk plain soymilk

And some new goodies to try!


  • CLIF ZBar in peanut butter and chocolate chip (I want to try some non-fruity bars, and I love CLIF)
  • pomegranate (had these before, but this is the first of the season for me!)
  • agave nectar (for all those sweetandnatural recipes!)
  • Nature’s Path Flax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Crunch
  • Annie’s Bunny Grahams Honey flavor (because they’re bite size bunnies!!!)
  • sprouted wheat tortillas (for fajitas this week…hubby actually picked these out!)
  • spaghetti squash

On the way home we stopped at Arch’s (no website…sorry!) for some frozen yogurt.  I was THRILLED to discover that the peanut butter flavor I wanted was a Wow Cow flavor…only 12 calories per ounce and nonfat!!!!!!!  So my 5oz cup had a whopping 60 calories, and I topped it with banana…because there aren’t many combinations better than peanut butter and banana!



Now, I’m sure there are all kinds of scary artificial sweeteners in it and I will research that before going back, but for now I am super-excited about my light dessert.  So excited in fact that when Brian didn’t want to finish his vanilla/cherries/oreo mix I helped him out with it.  🙂  What’s a wife to do?!?


5 responses to “big night out

  1. Hooray for a fun, delicious “date night”; and HELL YES FOR LARABARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy yum.

    “There aren’t many combinations better than peanut butter and banana!”

    You said it best!! 😀

    Haha, no worries – glad you enjoyed the desserts!!

  2. Agave! Now I have incentive to use that in a recipe again soon. 🙂

  3. I am a total grocery store snob too! When I was apartment hunting I had to make sure there was a Publix down the street. 🙂 Also, LOVE the Peanut Butter Yogurt! yum!

  4. I hear you about being a grocery snob, I will only shop at certain stores too!

    Peanut butter frozen yogurt and banana sounds mighty tasty! It looks like it was the perfect dessert!

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