change of plans

First of all….Thanks to all of my new readers out there!!!  I started this blog thinking I would keep it private to track my own progress, but after a few days realized that having feedback and the added motivation and support from fellow bloggers could be really nice!  I hope to add more content and keep it interesting enough to keep you all coming back, and REALLY hope that a few months down the road my blog is as interesting and motivational as the many that I love to read (I’ll post a blogroll soon, and can’t wait to check out all of the blogs from those of you who have already posted comments!)

Second….I apologize for the pictures in this post.  There is something wrong with my little Canon Powershot, it doesn’t want to focus on close things anymore.  😦  And my iphone is a poor substitute.  At home I use the Canon 5D, but its just too big and clunky to bring to work with me everyday.  Hopefully I will have the Powershot fixed soon.

Third….The Spicy Pumpkin Honey Muffins were a HUGE hit with my office!!!  Thanks for the recipe Ashley!

And now for a lunch recap…

For lunch today I packed a lovely bowl of leftover quinoa and broccoli.  I also had my leftover Oikos honey yogurt from yesterday (that potato soup REALLY filled me up and I only had room for an apple for an afternoon snack!).  At about 11:30, the hubby ichatted me to see if I wanted to join him and some of his co-workers for lunch with a good friend of ours.  Since I hadn’t seen her in weeks and she’d been recovering from surgery, I of course said YES!  So, my lovely bowl of leftover quinoa and broccoli sits sadly uneaten on my desk.


Instead, I went to Rapture, a festive restaurant centered around a bar on the downtown mall.  They have decent food, but not GREAT food, and not many healthy options.  Knowing this ahead of time, and because lunch was pushed to 1pm (I’m a noontime lunch kinda girl) I cracked open the Oikos yogurt so that I wouldn’t cave in to the amazing fries to ease my starvation.


So glad I did!  Because I wasn’t starving, I was able to realistically look at the menu and order the one light item offered, a mixed greens salad topped with apples, walnuts, blue cheese and balsamic vinaigrette on the side.  It was really good, and the perfect size.  And now, I SHOULD have a picture.

But I don’t.

This was the first time since starting my blog (one week ago tomorrow!!!) that I’ve gone out to eat with friends/co-workers.  None of them, except my hubby, know that I’m doing this.  So, bottom line is…I was embarrassed to break out the camera to take a picture of my salad.  Have any of you other bloggers out there experienced this when you were first starting?  Any tips?


7 responses to “change of plans

  1. Hooray for the muffin success! SO glad they were enjoyed by all! 🙂

    P.S. I had apple, walnut, blue cheese salads nearly every day for lunch during the month of August. I added celery to the mix too. One of my favs!

  2. I always find it a fun conversation piece when I pop the camera out. They want to know why I’m taking the picture and I will happily tell them and they usually more then understand. 🙂 Plus, my friends already know I’m a big camera person (i.e. my over 2000 pictures on Facebook!) so they don’t really think twice about it.

  3. I’m so glad that you decided not to make this blog private – I’m happy to have “met” you!!

    I ALWAYS “break out the camera” when I go out to eat – if fact, my family members are the ones who remind me to take the photos, haha!! Have fun with it!!

  4. i found a link to your blog through meghann, and i had to comment because i’m in cville too- i go to uva! so cool. i’m looking forward to reading and recognizing what you write about (first one: rapture! yay! i’ve never eaten there, though- just gone at night).

  5. I love Oikos too! Its a great pre-out-to-eat snack so you aren’t starving when you arrive.
    As for taking pictures at a restaurant or amongst friends, my family knows that I have this blog, so they think its “cute”. I’m more hesitant to do it in front of friends, because they don’t know about the blog, but they doooo know I love photography and artistic looking anything–including food =)
    You’ll eventually get the confidence!

  6. Thanks everybody for commenting! So far the couple of people I’ve told do think that its “cute” and are supportive even though I don’t think they totally understand what it means! I’m sure my insecurity with the situation will fade…my next test is a lunch with some girlfriends next Thursday!

  7. You will soon be a blog addict!

    My first time out with acquaintance typ friends, I used my camera phone. The next time I went out, I was with good friends, so I just told them. If you feel comfortable telling people, just go for it. No one has had a strange reaction (to my face).


    P.S. Good luck!

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