the counting begins…

A quick post because we’re off to a friend’s house to watch election coverage!!!!!!!!

For lunch today I had leftover baked chicken breast and roasted veggies from dinner the other night.  1/2 a chicken breast (about 2.5oz) and a generous pile of veggies was a very satisfying lunch on this dreary fall day.


Mid-afternoon I had another wonderful pear…they are perfect right now! And soooooo pretty.  🙂


Sadly, it is pouring down rain outside and I am not so dedicated a runner that I will go out and run in it. Especially since it is COLD rain.  Yuck.  I have been at the point before where I am so ready for a run that pouring rain, snow, and ice haven’t held me back, but I am not there yet this time around!  I’ll just have to make up for it tomorrow morning…

Tonight we’re picking up thai food to take to our friends’.  I scouted out the menu online and am going to order tofu veggie soup and veggie spring rolls.  A relatively light meal considering all of the wonderful, fattening things I COULD order!  Again, all thanks to this blog for keeping me on the right track.  I’m sure there will be a couple of glasses of wine too but we will be celebrating…hopefully!!!  Or perhaps drinking away our sorrows?!?!  🙂


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