monday morning rush

Oh how I love waking up to daylight!!! I was planning to get up early and take the dogs for another romp around our neighborhood, but I just couldn’t get moving in time. I was out of bed at 6:45 and packed up some food goodies for the day.

For breakfast I toasted 1/2 of a whole wheat bagel from Bodo’s and smeared 1 tbsp of almond butter and 1 tbsp of apple butter on it. An Oikos greek yogurt with honey was a great side. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Oikos yogurt. I typically eat the plain nonfat with some sort of fruit sprinkled in it, but if I’m going to actually eat it plain I prefer the kind with honey in it. Its so sweet its almost decadent and I could easily eat it as dessert to satisfy a craving.

I snacked on my bagel as I was getting ready and saved my yogurt to have with my pomegranate green tea at work.

I packed the last of my black beans and yellow rice for lunch, which I planned on eating with a pear but it filled me up so much that I saved the pear for an afternoon snack.

Eating at my desk…lots of errands to run during lunch so I wolfed this down so I could be on my way.

For snacks I threw a banana and a kashi in my bag. I ate the banana mid-morning (my breakfast didn’t stay with me at all!) and will substitue my lunch pear for the kashi in the afternoon. The kashi is now stashed in my drawer at my desk in case of emergency…

My afternoon pear…what a beauty! I can’t wait.

I’m off to run some errands, then its back to work ’till 6. I’m hoping to go for a light jog tonight or at least take the kids out for a spin. Its dark here by 5:15 though…I hate that! For dinner Bri’s making his famous potato cheese soup…not too healthy but sooooooooooo good! I’ll make a salad to go along with it and try to control my portion size of soup. We’ll see how that goes… 🙂


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