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😦 Oops. So I didn’t post my food recap yesterday. I sat down after going grocery shopping to download my pictures and start writing, but then we had a friend come over for dinner and I didn’t have time to finish. She left pretty late and I wasn’t feeling all that great so I went straight to bed. Oh well…I’ll get the hang of this eventually! So here’s yesterday’s recap:

After my training program and a long walk with Christine and our pups, I made a cup of Kashi Heart to Heart Honey Toasted Cereal with a sprinkle of sliced almonds and a banana on top. A cup of Hemp milk finished it off. Yum!

Kashi H2H and Hemp Milk

Kashi H2H and Hemp Milk


my bowl

my bowl

This was the first time I had tried hemp milk, but I’ve read about it on other blogs and was intrigued. It was really good! Not a whole lot of flavor, which I actually like. I am typically a Silk plain soymilk girl. The hemp milk is thinner than soymilk, more like the consistency of skim milk, and has a slightly sweet flavor to it. I’ll continue to buy it for sure, along with the soymilk.


After breakfast Brian and I went to the Vintage Apple Festival. It was the perfect fall day, high in the mid 70’s, crystal-clear sky and beautiful fall colors.

Vintage Apple Festival

Vintage Apple Festival

Several of the vendors that are usually at our weekly Farmer’s Market were there. Sadly I didn’t get pictures of them, what was I thinking!?! We bought our usual little 1.5 pound ham from Double H farm….this stuff is SO GOOD! Brian eats ham sandwiches for lunch all week…

And some broccoli…

Double H Farm broccoli

Double H Farm broccoli

And we stocked up on our favorite sausage from Babes in the Wood for the winter. They have a special breed of pig that they let forage in the forest for food rather than feeding them processed food that they weren’t meant to eat. This stuff is AMAZING!

Babes in the Wood sausage

Babes in the Wood sausage

I know sausage isn’t the best thing for you, but I seriously only eat a link like once a month so I’m not that worried about it when I do. Everything in moderation. Sometime I will write about my food philosophy in more detail (maybe in a tab at the top with my [unfinished] story)… But basically I eat mostly vegetarian (not apparent from this post I know!) and the meat that I do consume is all local, organic and humanely raised. Brian + I are really really picky about this because we understand how important it is; for our health, for the environment and for the quality of life of the animals. So that is why we LOVE our City Farmer’s Market so much, and are so sad that the season is now over and we have to wait until next April to enjoy it again. Luckily, we have our Charlottesville Organic Butcher to keep us stocked through the winter time…all local, all organic.


For lunch Brian and I found a nice little shady spot in the peach orchard and I had a pulled chicken sandwich (made with local, organic, humanely-raised chicken of course!) on a home made whole wheat bun. Yum!

And a bite of Bri’s cheddarwurst (all descriptors above apply except that its pork)…

And I helped out with Bri’s homemade, fresh applesauce. I can’t even describe how good this was.

And of course I couldn’t leave without buying apple butter, which they were making in big vats at the festival!

Apple Butter!

Apple Butter!

Sadly, we didn’t bring enough money for me to actually buy any apples, but we have an orchard that is closer to us that we will go up to next weekend to pick our own.


After the festival I went grocery shopping at Whole Foods. It was such a disappointing experience! I typically LOVE grocery shopping, but today I just wasn’t in the mood. I wandered around, still managed to spend a ton of money and had a cart full of produce at the end of the trip, but I just couldn’t get any inspiration for meals while I was there. So it should be an interesting week of coming up with dinners off the cuff. I got my usual favorites, but didn’t get pictures of them before going in the fridge so here’s a fridge shot…

While at the store I had a splitting headache and was feeling a little queazy so I picked up an Odwalla.

A lot of sugar in these drinks but I felt like I needed it since I was a little faint. I finished about 2/3s of it and gave the rest to Brian when I got home.

For dinner we had Mexican take-out from a restaurant down the street. We were supposed to cook for our friend, but like I said earlier I was feeling uninspired and wasn’t really in the mood to cook. No pictures of dinner…once again, I’ll get the hang of this eventually! Now, I thought about trying to be healthy but it is really difficult with Mexican food from a restaurant. So instead, I just ate what I wanted because again, we don’t do it that often. I had 1/2 of a cheese quesadilla, spanish rice and refried beans, and a few chips with a bit of cheese dip. All in all it was pretty unsatisfying, I think I was just having an “off” afternoon/evening. We also shared some wine…

And after a movie and some chatting I went to bed, really not feeling well. I just never perked up after my initial headache at the grocery store. 😦

Whew! Blogging is quite time-consuming! Hopefully my posts will get shorter after I get the hang of it and get all of the background info out of the way…


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