training week #1

This morning I started the 10-miler training program!  I am very excited, even though I am starting in group 1 when last year I started in group 3.  I probably could have pushed myself into group 2 (they were going on a 2 mile run this morning versus my 3/4 on the track…) but I’m trying to be smart this time around and prevent injury.  I am still getting hilly walks in with Christine (my former running partner until my injuries and her pregnancy! she’s due in april!) so I feel like I can take it nice and slow with getting back into the running.  

A little background…

The first day was great! It was definitely easy for me, but that’s ok. I’m not pushing myself. We did 3/4 miles on the track, walking the curves and running the straights. I’m supposed to do that 2 more times before next Saturday when we will do a mile. They said it is fine to run the whole thing if you feel that you are in between groups one and two, which I am, so I think I will run the full workouts from now on. I KNOW that I could run a full mile on the track, probably even two, without pushing myself past my limits. But since I’m cross-training with a little walking, I’m still going to take it easy.

The hubby and I are off to the Vintage Apple Festival today (yay! i love festivals!) so I will post my findings and eatings when we get back from that.


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